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Elden Ring: How to Build a Dragonscale Samurai Detailed Guide

Be the strongest samurai in this open-world RPG by having the Dragonscae Blade Build in Elden Ring.




During Elden Ring patch 1.07 update, the Dragonscale blade, and its weapon skill ice lightning sword was buffed. Because of this, players were surprised by the insane amount of damage it deals to an enemy.

Today, there is a new game plus build that focuses on the use of the Dragonscale blade and its weapon skill.

In this guide, we will tell you how to build the Dragonscale Daimyo build.

How to Build a Dragonscale Samurai Detailed Guide in Elden Ring

Source: Fextralife

As mentioned, this was buffed from patch 1.07. Some of the attributes that were improved are the duration of the weapon buff, and the lightning damage you inflict on an enemy. Plus, the time between the skill activation and being able to perform other actions is also reduced.

From 20 seconds, the duration of the weapon buff is increased to 45 seconds. In terms of the lightning damage, it increased from 130 to 160.

Source: Fextralife

To do this build, equip a Fire Uchi Katana in the left hand and a Jellyfish shield.

Make your katana deal more damage by adding buff with a flaming strike. This makes the katana leave fire damage. Aside from that, you can use Ice Lightning at the same time. This means that you can land fire and lightning damage to the enemy.

Source: Fextralife

Along with the deadly weapon combo, you also have with you your Jellyfish shield. Aside from its role to counter attacks, it also allows you to use contagious fury to enhance your damage after you are buffed with the lighting sword.

Meaning to say, you can have a 908 attack rating with just having a shield and one sword on hand.


Besides your weapons and shields, it is also important to consider the armor to use.

For this build, use the Okina Mask. Aside from the fact that it gives you the Samurai look, it also grants you an additional three dexterity.

Blades armor is also good for this one. Aside from making you more durable, it also gives off a vibe of both a knight and a samurai. Plus, there is also an extra 56 poise.

With this build, you can absorb and trade a lot of damage to build up your attack power.


To further increase your flaming strike and ice lightning sword damage, use Shard of Alexander as your talisman. To support this talisman, use also Millicent’s Prosthesis.

Using Millicent’s Prosthesis gives your character five additional dexterity. This also allows you to increase your damage as you land continuous attacks.

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia also helps in improving your damage for continuous attacks. The last one is the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to make your character tougher and stronger.

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