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Elden Ring Adventure Guide

Let’s dive into the contents of the Elden Ring Adventure Guide!




Eager gamers who pre-ordered Elden Ring got a “Digital Adventure Guide” as a bonus. This small guide acted as an introduction to the game and its basics.

But what exactly does it entail? Let’s find out!

Contents of Elden Ring’s Official Adventure Guide

The guide starts with a brief description of the game’s setting. It tells us about the Erdtree and the Tarnished’s role in becoming Elden Lord.

It’s a bit of a summary of what we get in Elden Ring’s opening. After that, we get introduced to some of the different types of areas we can explore in the game:

  • Underground Crypts – These dangerous crypts house the remains of the dead. They are also full of traps and statue enemies.
  • Caves – These are naturally-forming caves with limited light sources, so make sure to bring one!
  • Legacy Dungeons – The main location of each region, they usually house the various Demigods you need to challenge to progress the game.
  • Mines – These are caves that have been dug up by miners. They are rich in upgrade materials, so they should be explored when you need Smithing Stones.

After that, we get a glimpse into some important points to keep in mind as we explore the overworld.

For example, the guide mentions how the Sites of Grace have a ray of light leading to our next goal. It also tells us to look for monoliths next to roads, as they can expand our map.

It also has information about crafting items that can be made by purchasing the Crafting Kit from Merchant Kalé at the start of the game.

There are some recommended crafting items, such as Rowa Raisins that can heal our spectral steed, Torrent.

Lastly, we get some nice artwork showing off every starting class in the game.

In the end, the official Adventure Guide provides some very basic information that is also learned through the early tutorials in Elden Ring.

Still, it’s a nice heads-up for those wishing to start their journey into the Lands Between!

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