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Destiny 2: How to Get the “Guardian’s Oath” Emblem

Destiny 2 has some helpful emblems that can aid in your quest in the free-to-play online-only multiplayer game. This guide will walk you through how to get the “Guardian’s Oath” emblem.




The “Guardian Oath” is an emblem that seekers and guides should accept at the beginning of a guided game. Taking the emblem means you agree to be helpful, observant, attentive, willing to learn or teach, and friendly.

When you accept the prompt, the Guardian Oath buff will apply to all players of the guided game that lasts for the 45 minutes commitment required by the guided game.

How To Get The “Guardian’s Oath” Emblem

The Guardian Oath is a charity emblem implying that you won’t be getting the emblem for free. If you’re interested in the charity incentive, head on to the Bungie foundation page that’s dedicated to supporting the guardian games, and in this case, Destiny 2.

Go to the donations tab, where you’ll see a donation amount of $25 minimum, and tick the “yes, I’d like to cover processing costs” box.

You can decide to donate more than $25, and in this instance, make sure you don’t have the green check on $25. Next, click on the individual gift box to skip the employer’s name tab.

You can pay with PayPal or the other payment methods. Just ensure the details you fill in match the payment option you pick.

When you make payment, you’ll receive an email on how to receive your incentives. Then go to the game’s menu, go to general collections, and see the emblem there.

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