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Backpack Hero: How To Win With Tote

Time to learn more about the Tote character in the game!

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Backpack Hero: How To Win With Tote Featured Image

Backpack Hero is a dungeon crawler roguelike game that’s unique compared to other games of the same genre. There are so many items, weapons, and synergies for you to explore as you progress. Placing items in your inventory isn’t only for keeping items, but to increase your power as well.

Along with that, you’ll also get to choose a character to play. Some characters make it really easy, while some can be a challenge. The Tote character is considered to be one of the more difficult characters to use. But if you are someone who loves to be given a challenge, then she’s for you.

How To Win With Tote

Tote is a character with a special item type called ‘Carvings‘. These carvings are added to a separate inventory and are drawn out during battle.

To use them, you must them inside your backpack. Nearly all of her weapons break on use, and her shields can only be used when summoned.

This means that you’ll be wasting slots in your inventory only by keeping these shields in your inventory. Her shields are:

  • Oak Stump
  • Acorn Cap
  • Banner Shield
  • Rafflesia Shield
  • Tree Shield
  • Willow Shield
  • Reeds

Overall, the character relies heavily on RNG to win battles since you usually have only 1 energy to spare. This makes her a relatively difficult character to play. However, there are many tips you can apply to increase your chances of winning as Tote.

Backpack Hero: How To Win With Tote


To increase your chances of winning, apply these three tips:

  • Make your deck as small as possible.
  • Maximize the number of good carvings in your deck.
  • Maximize your reliance on non-carving items.


The items in this section include the carvings items that you want to prioritize obtaining and the non-carving items you can rely on to help you win your games.

For carvings, these are the items Tote can find:

  • Pinecone: This gives you a block whenever you summon a carving adjacent to it.
  • Dreaming Ring: The item functions quite similarly compared to the Pinecone and also targets diagonal carvings. However, it isn’t natural, unlike the Pinecone. This item can be forged.
  • Wooden Buckler: An “On Use” shield you can use.
  • Dreaming Buckler: An “On Use” shield you can use.
  • Wiz Buckler: An “On Use” shield you can use.
  • Mossy Carving: This is a healing item that is essential for health regeneration after every fight you encounter.
  • Green Heart: Another healing option.
Backpack Hero Item Carving

This is a list of the decent carvings that Tote can find:

  • Tape Carving
  • Illusory Tape
  • Green Candle
  • Blue Candle 
  • Survival Guide
  • Mossy Brick
  • Mushroom Axe
  • Toadstool Sword
  • Pot Carving 
  • Jar Carving
  • All mushroom carvings, except Milk Cap for their beneficial passive effects.
  • All sap carvings
  • Dreaming Sword 
  • Frog Magician Boots 
  • Piggy Bang 
  • Saw Mill 
  • Ring of Dreams 
  • Hero Carvings
  • Fuel Pellet 
  • Shiv Carving 
  • Oak Hatchet
Backpack Hero Item

For Non-carving items:

  • The Frying Pan, the Catapult, and the Fox Rapier: These are the options you can go for as Tote when it comes to Non-carving Weapons.
  • Tote also has access to Bandages, which is a great healing item you can get as you play through the game.
  • You can also go for the Cactus and the Crab Cactus.
Backpack Hero Liquid Armor

That’s how you can win as Tote in Backpack Heroes! For each different game, your possibilities of getting items will be different. As a result, it depends on you to choose the best items to work with and find the best synergy to help you win all your fights.

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