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Backpack Hero: How To Get CR-8 In Story Mode

Get yourself a robotic best friend.

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Backpack Hero: How To Get CR-8 In Story Mode Featured Image

Backpack Hero is a roguelike RPG that focuses on two things: dungeon crawling and organizing your backpack. As you go through dungeons, you will be collecting a lot of resources and other items that you can bring back to your town.

While playing, you will find some parts that appears to let you build a friend. That friend is CR-8. In this guide, I will show you how you can get CR-8 in Story Mode in Backpack Hero.

How To Get CR-8 In Story Mode

In order to get CR-8 in Story Mode, you will need to go dungeon crawling and find all of the parts to create CR-8.

Once you have all parts, you then have to bring the parts to the researcher and have it researched. After this, it’s only a matter of waiting. Go dungeon crawling or do whatever that will get you out of town for a long while.

Once time has passed, go back to town and look around for CR-8. You will find him roaming around town with a big exclamation point on his head. Speak to him and you will unlock CR-8 for use in Story Mode.

Backpack Hero: How To Get CR-8 In Story Mode

That’s all you need on how to get CR-8 in the Story Mode for Backpack Hero. Did this guide help you understand how you can get this character? Let us know in the comments below.

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