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Backpack Hero: Is It Online Only?

A way for you to play the game without any connection!

Christian Gallos



Backpack Hero: Is It Online Only? Featured Image

Backpack Hero is a fun dungeon crawler game currently available on Steam. As you progress, you’ll choose from a number of characters. With that character, you will organize items in your bag, finding the right synergy to help you win every single challenge.

Even though this is a single-player game, you’ll still need an internet connection to launch Steam and start the game. This has the community wondering if there is a way for you to play without being online. This guide will help you answer whether the game is online only.

Is It Online Only?

Every Steam game requires you to have an internet connection to play it. However, for some games, you can try to download on the game provider’s website and play it offline. The same thing applies to Backpack Hero.

According to one of the game’s developers, Backpack Heroes is not online only. If you want to play it offline, you can buy the game from Itch, which is the game’s provider.

This also comes with a Steam key as well to help you if you’re looking to use Steam-supported features for the game.

Backpack Hero: Is It Online Only?

However, keep in mind that the Itch version has no Steam workshop support. This means that you’ll have to manually install mods and update them every once in a while. On the bright side, you can play the game offline even if you do not have an internet connection.

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