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Backpack Hero: Starter Guide | What You Need To Know As A Beginner

A lot of monsters you’ll face in battle! Bring the right builds!

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Backpack Hero has a lot for you to explore. There are a number of monsters and bosses you’ll want as you explore the dungeons. To win against them, you’ll need to find a good combination of items, weapons, and the special gimmick that your character has.

With 800+ distinct items for you to learn about, the information can get really overwhelming. As a beginner, you’ll want to get to know the core basics of the game. In this guide, we will show you some of the important things you need to know as a beginner.

Starter Guide | What You Need To Know As A Beginner

Core Concepts

The game currently has 5 playable characters with different playstyles and special perks. It is recommended that new players start with Purse. The character has no special gimmick, allowing you to focus on the game and its core features.

As you play, there are three main objectives that you need to follow:

  • Prevent yourself from taking damage as much as you can.
  • Have enough damage to defeat your enemies.
  • Get many useful items (Those that cost 0 energy or have passive effects).

Following this will make mage builds ideal for beginners. This is because mages use a different resource called “mana” rather than energy.

Next, you’ll want to get Armor items. These are items that give you a stat called Block. With Block, you can prevent yourself from taking damage. If you cannot find any Armor items, try getting items that can heal you.

Backpack Hero: Starter Guide | What You Need To Know As A Beginner Level Up

Healing items usually come in the form of accessories and consumables. Some items for healing can be the Seasoning, Bandages Regenerative Whetstone, My First Wand and Vampiric Axe.

You’ll also want to know more about status effects. Some items can inflict effects on enemies. For example, Poison deals damage to your opponents, making sure they die fast.

Act 1

The Bramble

In the first area, you will face 4 different types of enemies:

  • Bees: These are enemies that are easy to remove if you ever run into them. Make sure you remove them, otherwise, your items will be stuck for two combats.
  • Robber raccoon: The raccoons will run at you and steal your gold.
  • Hermit crabs: Crabs can block your attack every turn, which makes it a bit more difficult to defeat.
  • Vole: These enemies are the most dangerous since they can deal damage up to 3 times each turn. If you do not pay enough attention, you can lose lots of health.

There are two bosses you’ll face once you reach the end:

  • The Bandit Lord: This boss starts the fight with evasion. After that, the Lord will switch from a single attack to 3 attacks. You’ll want to use items that apply the weaken effect to reduce his damage. For example, a club can really be effective against it.
  • The Crow Bandit: The boss has its own healing abilities. Try your best to do as much damage as you can to him. You don’t want fights to last forever or you’ll run out of resources.
Backpack Hero: Starter Guide | What You Need To Know As A Beginner Vole Rude Rooster

The Crypt

There are three different monsters you’ll encounter in The Crypt:

  • Bees: Easy enemies that you can defeat.
  • Bomb Crabs: These enemies will wait three turns and then blow up. The explosion will deal 30 damage to you so defeat them before they explode.
  • Sable: They are a stronger version of the Vole enemy.

Your bosses include:

  • The Queen Bee: This boss inflict poison and summon bees every 2 turns. The boss has the lowest health in the entire game.
  • The King Ferret: The King will summon rabbits every 2 turns. Every time the boss gets hit, it will get +1 rage. You can use items to weaken his damage, such as the club.
Backpack Hero: Starter Guide | What You Need To Know As A Beginner Vole Rude Rooster

Act 2

Enchanted Swamp

There are 4 different types of creatures you’ll face in the Enchanted Swamp.

  • Salamander: These opponents are quite tanky and can apply poison to you. Try your best to defeat them as fast as you can.
  • Newt: They add the ‘spikes’ status to themselves and allies every two turns.
  • Sage Frog: Defeat the frogs as fast as you can since they are able to heal.
  • Boastful Broadsword: They can do lots of damage every turn.

When it comes to bosses, there are two for you to watch out for:

  • The Speaker: This boss can summon 3 allies on the first turn, and only one for the next turns.
  • The Elder Mage: The Mage summons weak plants with poison or spikes. Prioritize defeating these plants.
Backpack Hero Sage Frog

Deep Caves

The Deep Caves area has up to 6 different types of enemies:

  • Red Slimes: Two of the slimes both attack and give out hazards.
  • Blue Slimes: These enemies are very tanky and add a ton of Goo hazards.
  • Sables: Can deal a lot of damage with 3 consecutive attacks each turn.
  • Armadillo: They can block your damage every turn. You’ll lose if you cannot do more damage than they can block.
  • Repxecutors: Receive +2 spikes each turn.
  • Bats: These enemies cannot be weakened and can deal poison damage. It’s best for you to defeat them before they defeat you.

There are two bosses in this area:

  • The Green Lizard: You must not attack the boss on some turns. Otherwise, the boss will awaken and become stronger.
  • Giant Badger: This is a giant badger that can summon smaller ones as reinforcements. Prioritize defeating its summons to not let them overwhelm you.
Backpack Hero Fight

Act 3

Magma Core

Since you’re now in the last stage of the game, enemies can get more challenging to defeat. Magma Core has 5 different types of enemies.

  • Snakes & Cobras: These enemies can apply poison effects.
  • Kitty Captain: The Kitty Captain can occasionally hit 4 times per turn and gain +1 Rage each hit. This will greatly increase its damage. It’s best for you to apply the weaken effect to reduce the damage.
  • Fire Geckos: Fire Hazards and Burn. If you’re not careful, you will take damage.
  • Olm: Very strong enemies with high health and attack.

The bosses in Magma Core include:

  • The King: Once he gets hit, he gains +1 Haste, and +1 Rage if you block his attack with a shield. He can also summon Rabbits and Hare Defenders.
  • The Grandmaster: He can set you on fire which deals increasing damage to your health. Defeat him as fast as you can.
Backpack Hero Fire Gecko

Frozen Heart

The last region on the list is Frozen Heart. There are 4 different common enemies you can encounter:

  • Enlightened Cultist: Where there are 6 of them, they will add rage and attack twice.
  • Chosen Cultist: Can apply Poison and Hazards.
  • Oath Breaker: Strong enemies that rarely spawn alone.
  • Polar Bear: They add huge hazards on the first turn, and they do pack a punch.

There are two different bosses you’ll face at the end:

  • The Dark Lady: During the first phase, she can apply the freeze debuff to you. In the second phase, she summons Enlightened Cultists.
  • The Frog: They can summon Chosen Cultists. If you take too long, the boss will spawn even more until they overwhelm you.
Backpack Hero Enlightened Cultists

Those are the things you’ll need to know about when you start your first match as a beginner. With this information, you will plan out better builds and have a general idea of what you want to achieve. It also depends on your luck whether you will find good items along the way.

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