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Palworld: New Still Undiscovered Secret Pals

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Palworld has been out for a while now, and nearly everything in the game has been explored by this point. Surprisingly, there are still a few Pals in Palworld that are yet to be discovered.

We have put together some of the Pals that are still Undiscovered. These Pals have been either data mined through the game files or seen in the various Palwrold trailers.

New Still Undiscovered Secret Pals

The Pals on this list are probably going to be seen as DLCs or were removed from the main game before launch. There is a chance they might be in the main game, but it’s impossible to know exactly.

There are various clues or information that hint towards some of these Pals. Some of the Pals on this list are very different from any Pal you can find right now, which means that catching these Pals will be even more special.

Dark Pal Similar to Mewtwo

dark mewtwo like pal

A lot of Pals in Palworld are similar to Pokemons in appearance. Being one of the most iconic Pokemon, it’s not surprising at all that there might be a Pal that resembles Mewtwo’s look. Instead of being white though, this secret Pal has a darker appearance.

Based on the look, the Pal is most probably a dark-type Pal.

White Dragon Pal

flying dragon pal

Palworld has a lot of different Dragon-type Pals that you can find. Among all of them, there doesn’t seem to be one that resembles the white one that can be seen in the image above. This image is from one of the trailers that was released pre-launch.

It’s easy to tell through the image that the Pal is a Dragon-type Pal that can fly. Other than that, it is hard to tell anything else about the Pal.

Whale Pal

massive flying whale pal

This Pal is very different compared to all other Pals in the game. Other than us riding on top of it, our other Pals can also ride it. The game doesn’t have a Pal that is in any way similar to this massive whale-like Pal.

possible bones of the whale pal

Other than the small snipper in a trailer, there are also bones in the game that resemble a large Pal. There is no Pal in the game that these bones can belong to, so they might belong to the whale seen in the trailer.



In comparison to the other Pals on our list, we have a name for this undiscovered Pal. Dragostrophe is quite common in a lot of Palworld’s promotional content. Other than that the name of the Pal can also be seen in small gameplay snippets of the game.

Palworld has a new update coming very soon, and there is a lot of speculation about Dragostrophe being released then. With how cool the Pal looks, players will be hoping the release is quite close.


boltmane fight

Similar to Dragostrophe, Boltmane is also a Pal for whom we have a name. The image above shows a gameplay still of a fight against Boltmane. From the image and its name, it’s safe to assume that Boltmane is an electric-type Pal.

Flying Ice Pal

flying ice pal

Like most Pals on this list, our next Pal is also a Pal that can fly. It’s hard to tell anything about the Pal from the little we see of it. We can assume that the Pal might be an ice-type Pal, as the color is similar to what most ice-type Pals are.

These are some of the Pals we’ve witnessed in Palworld’s trailer and teaser but still haven’t been introduced in the game. Maybe we will see these Pals in a future update.

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