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Palworld: How to Reset Stats (Respec Your Character)

Get a refund on your Stat Points!




You can level up a variety of stats as you level up your character in Palworld, but making the wrong choice will have you wishing for a way to reset or respec.

Thankfully, there does exist one way to reset Stat Points! Sadly, it’s a fairly endgame method.

Nonetheless, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to reset your stats so you can respec!

How to Reset Stats and Respec Your Character

Palworld: How to Reset Stats (Respec Your Character) - Memory Wiping Medicine

You can reset the stats for your character at any time by simply drinking a Memory Wiping Medicine. The hard part is getting your hands on said medicine!

The only real consistent way to get the Memory Wiping Medicine is to craft it yourself.

To do so, you will first need to reach Level 43 and unlock the Electric Medicine Workbench schematic in the Technology Tree.

Electric Medicine Workbench

Crafting the workbench will require the following materials:

  • Refined Ingots x40 – Can be crafted at the Improved Furnace.
  • Circuit Board x10 – Can be crafted at the Production Assembly Line.
  • Carbon Fiber x20 – Can be crafted at the Production Assembly Line, as well.

Do note that the Electric Medicine Workbench will require your base to have Generators and Electric Pals providing electricity for it. It is an electric workbench, after all!

Felbat Pal

On top of that, you will need a Pal with the Medicine Production stat. The higher it is, the faster they will produce the Medicine! You can’t work at the Electric Medicine Workbench yourself, only Pals can.

Some good Pals to keep an eye out for are the Felbat species, as they have a Level 3 Medicine Production stat. They also don’t have any other Work Suitability, so they will focus on just making the medicine.

You can use our guide on all Pals’ locations to help you find Felbat!

Witch Cauldron

Additionally, you can place a Witch Cauldron at your base to help speed up Medicine Production.

Making and Using the Memory Wiping Medicine

Crafting the Medicine

Once you’ve got the workbench and Pals all ready and set up, it’s time to make the Memory Wiping Medicine!

You will need the following materials for this medicine:

  • Beautiful Flower x99 – Frequently dropped by certain Grass-type Pals such as Lyleen, Petalia, and Wumpo.
  • Horn x50 – Dropped by Pals with visible horns, such as Caprity, Eikthydeer, and Incineram. Also sold by the red Wandering Merchant at the Small Village.
  • Bone x50 – Strangely enough, it’s only dropped by certain Pals. Vixy, Rushoar, and Vanwyrm are the easiest ones to farm. Also sold by the red Wandering Merchant at the Small Village, alongside Horns.
  • Pal Fluids x50 – Always drops from Water-type Pals of any species.

Once you gather the material, just assign it for crafting like any other item. Wait patiently for your Pal to finish and then go pick it up!

Using the Memory Wiping Medicine

Lastly, just use it from the inventory like a regular food item. Only the player character can drink it, so it can’t be given to Pals at all.

Stats are reset!

Once your character chugs down the concoction, you will notice that you now have all of your Stat Points back! Click on Enhance Stats and spend them again to complete the respec.

So, that’s all there is to resetting stats and getting your character a respec in Palworld. It’s a fairly arduous process, all things considered, so it’s mostly meant for endgame characters!

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