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Palworld: How to Prevent Your Pals Injuries and Starving While Offline

Keep your Pals happy and healthy!




Leaving bases unattended in Palworld can result in you coming back to see that your Pals are starving or have sustained injuries, which you obviously want to prevent.

This happens even if you have everything set up for your Pals, such as ensuring they have food and recreation. It also mostly happens when bases are left unattended, particularly in online play.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to prevent your Pals from suffering while you’re away from your bases.

How to Prevent Your Pals Injuries and Starving While Offline

Offline Play – Keep Bases Simple

Palworld: How to Prevent Your Pals Injuries and Starving While Offline - Offline Bases

Frankly put, the Pals’ pathfinding in the current version of the game is plainly bad. They can often get stuck in objects or even the terrain itself as they try to walk around your base.

In fact, it’s so bad that the developers have stated it as one of their highest-priority fixes in the game’s Roadmap!

But, while we await those fixes, all we can do is try to keep bases simple.

Don’t put all of your structures together, and try to keep everything out in the open. Pals seem to be particularly bad at entering buildings currently.

A workbench inside a house, not ideal

For example, placing a workbench inside a house will almost guarantee that Pals won’t figure out how to reach it. So then, they will never work at it!

This problem becomes even more prevalent when you start adding larger Pals to your base. Their size makes them more likely to get stuck trying to walk around objects.

Hot Spring, unobstructed

It’s also important to have key facilities, like the Feed Box and Hot Springs, somewhere easy to reach. Make sure there’s no clutter surrounding either of these facilities so that Pals can use them properly.

After all, they need access to the Feed Box to eat and the Hot Springs to relax.

It’s also a good idea to fill up the Feed Box with good food items to ensure that your Pals are eating enough.

Optimal Feed Box setup

You can also fill every slot in the Feed Box to prevent them from adding unwanted low-nutrition foods they might be producing at the base, such as Eggs or Milk.

But, all in all, just try to keep bases simple. Don’t bunch all facilities together, try to keep everything out in the open for your Pals, and make sure they have access to the Feed Box and Hot Springs.

Online Play – Put Pals In The Palbox When Logging Off

Palworld: How to Prevent Your Pals Injuries and Starving While Offline - Online Play

If you mainly play online, you might notice that your Pals just kind of fall from the sky on your base whenever you log in. On top of that, they will most likely be injured or starved!

This is most prevalent on dedicated servers and doesn’t seem to happen much in standard multiplayer.

Sadly, this is simply due to the servers not loading the part around your base while you’re offline. If there are no players visiting the area, the game unloads the base to save processing power.

This, in turn, basically makes your Pals get stuck until you log back into the game. Yet, they will still get injured and hungry, anyway!

Palbox screen

While we are hoping that this is an issue that will be fixed eventually, the only thing we can do for now is to work around it.

So, to that end, you should return all of your Pals to your Palbox whenever you are about to go offline. Pals don’t starve, lose Sanity, or get injured while they reside within the Palbox.

Sadly, this does mean that your Pals won’t be producing or working at the base at all while you’re offline. Nonetheless, it will prevent you from having to treat the little fellas when you get back.

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