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Palworld: Best Food for Pals | Food Guide

Keep your Pals fed and they’ll keep working happily.




Food in Palworld might seem simple at first, but not having the best type of food for your Pals can drastically reduce their productivity.

This mostly applies to bases, of course. It’s just that the way the Pals’ AI works currently, they end up taking constant food breaks if you don’t provide proper food for them.

In this guide, we’ll help you maximize your Pals’ work efficiency by telling you what’s the best food for working Pals.

Best Food for Pals | Food Guide

Palworld: Best Food for Pals | Food Guide

So, let’s get one thing cleared up first. Feeding yourself and your team and feeding your base are very different things.

When it comes to feeding yourself and your active party, anything will do. You can feel free to just carry hundreds of berries in your pocket. Even better if you get the Food Bag with Ancient Technology Points!

Manual Feeding

The main reason for this is that you can just force-feed dozens of berries to your character and active party anytime. As such, it’s easy to have everyone’s stomach full in seconds, no matter what food you eat.

Now, when it comes to your base, things are pretty different due to how Pals behave. These are the main considerations:

  • Pals will only eat 2 to 3 items whenever they feed themselves at the base.
  • Pals will stop working and go eat once their Hunger bar is almost empty, which is when they gain the “Hungry” status.
  • There seems to be a cooldown of about a couple of minutes between feedings, even if the Pal remains Hungry after eating.
  • Every Pal has different nutritional needs, which you can see from their status page. Overall, larger Pals require much more food than smaller ones.

So, the main takeaway is that you want to have food with a high nutritional value to minimize how many food breaks your Pals take while at the base.

Making cake takes forever

Of course, you also want to strike a balance between ease of production and nutrition.

There are food items like the Cake which take forever to prepare and are simply not worth the effort despite their high Nutrition value.

So, let’s look at some of the best and most balanced food you can get in Palworld!

Best Food Items for Bases

Jam Filled Buns

With all of the considerations stated in our previous section, the best food items are going to be ones that you can produce en masse and don’t take too long to prepare.

These are the ones that we consider to meet this criteria:

  • Baked Berries – Great for the early game, as they cook extremely quickly and are a total upgrade over regular raw berries. As said before, they’re also great for manually feeding yourself and your party.
  • Jam-Filled Bun – You can make it with Flour and Berries, which you can produce infinitely at your base, and it doesn’t take long to cook.
  • Salad – Quick to prepare and only requires Lettuce and Tomato, which you can start producing at your base later in the game.
Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

With those in mind, we also want to give an honorable mention to the Marinated Mushrooms. You can make them with Mushrooms and Berries, and they boost Work Speed for your Pals.

The only issue, though, is that Mushrooms are fairly scarce in the game. You can’t produce them at your base, which makes it hard to produce enough Marinated Mushrooms to keep your Pals fed.

So, in short, focus on the Baked Berries until you can move on to the Jam-Filled Bun. Then, later on, you can also start producing Salads when you have Lettuce and Tomato plantations in your base.

Feed Box organization

As a final tip, make sure to put the most nutritious food on the leftmost spot of the Feed Box. Pals seem to eat food from left to right, so the order in which you sort items is actually important!

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to know about food in Palworld.

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