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Palworld: How to Kill and Capture Jetragon Easily 

Beat this beast of a dragon in no time!




Jetragon is a legendary celestial dragon Pal in Palworld. With loads of life and strong abilities Jetragon is very difficult to kill, let alone safely capture unless you are at a very high level and fully kitted out. 

We will show you a workaround that will make the process a lot easier. You’ll capture kill or capture Jetragon even at a low level! Let’s get to it.

How to Kill and Capture Jetragon Easily

Jetragon location

Jetragon Location

To undertake this task, you will need to find Jetragon, one of four legendary Pals in Palworld, right over in the west near The Beach of Everlasting Summer. You can do this workaround on foot but using a flying mount makes it even easier.

Fighting Jetragon

Jetragon fight
Source: MillGaming

When you have located Jetragon you will need to draw his aggression. You can do this however you like from shooting him to hitting him with your fists. 

Your aim is not to fight him immediately, however, so a ranged attack might make things easier. You aim to get him to follow you – you may need to hit him a couple of times as you go to make sure he keeps following.


Lead him on a little jaunt to the cliff located just past the lava pool to the west. He will sometimes turn around and head back at this point – give him a whack to keep him coming after you.

From there take a leap of faith and jump or fly off the edge of the cliff. Jetragon will follow you.

Instead of flying, however, the Legendary Jetragon will fall and take a large amount of damage!

Capturing Jetragon

Jetragon will usually lose 90% or more of his health.  From here, you can easily fight and kill him or toss a Sphere to capture him, whichever you prefer. 

Just be careful because sometimes tossing a sphere can actually kill him!

If you are here for his drops which include Pure Quartz, Polymer, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Precious Dragon Stone there is one more step that may make farming easier for you.

Farming method

Instead of letting him fall onto the rocks, keep left when you jump off the cliff and try to get him to fall into the water. He glides a bit as he goes down which is why you can lead him to the water and make him drink. 

Jetragon flying

When Jetragon lands in the water it results in an instant kill. And yes, you can still pick up your loot from the water.

This makes farming his items way easier and will save you a load of time that you would otherwise have spent grinding to level up and get the best weapons and armor to fight him head-on. Happy hunting!

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