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Palworld: How to Paraglide Slide

Gliding… in style!

Kaylee Nancarrow



How to paraglide slide

Palworld is a vast open world with a lot of ground for new players to cover at the start. No one necessarily wants to be traversing across an open world on foot. That said, paraglide sliding is a nifty trick that allows you to trek around the universe faster and also offers some advantages.

Paraglide sliding is one of those tricks that just doesn’t seem to make it into the game’s tutorial. Despite this, we’ll show you how to paraglide slide and get around faster.

How to Paraglide Slide

Gliders are the ideal tool to get from one point to another without having to worry about taking fall damage. These tools can be crafted and will allow you to drift across the open world as you descend from the mountains.

How to Get Glider

Gliders are simply the ultimate tool to have in Palworld, as there are many situations where they come in handy. That said, you’ll first need to unlock the craftable tool at the beginning stages of the game.

Unlock glider with Technology upgrades

You can unlock gliders in Palworld as a Technology upgrade. To do this, it will require some resources, so you’ll need to do some resource farming before attempting to unlock the item. To unlock the Normal Parachute, as seen in the image above, you will need:

  • Two Cloth
  • 10 x Wood

If you don’t have the resources to craft a glider, some Pals can also act as gliders. Capturing one of these Pals is sometimes an easier option. It will save you valuable inventory space, as there’s no need to carry around a glider if you have a Pal like Hangyu.

Slide Down Hills 

Sliding in Palworld is certainly one of the fastest ways to get around. However, when you combine a slide with a glide it offers a temporary speed boost and the ability to avoid taking a hit in combat.

How to slide in Palworld

To slide into Palworld using an Xbox controller, sprint by pressing “LS” controller and then hold “B” the crouch button. If you’re on PC, press “C” on your keyboard when sprinting down a hill, as seen in the image above.

Combine Slide and Glide

As you’ve guessed it, there are two parts to paraglide sliding in Palworld. Once you’ve crafted a glider it’s off to the mountainous hills.

Paraglide Slide in Palworld

At the top of the hill, you’re now going to have to descend the slope with a slide. Once your descent has begun and you are gaining momentum, jump in the air by pressing “Spacebar” or the jump control on your device. This action will then activate your parachute glider and you’ll effectively be paragliding, as seen in the image above.

You can also activate the gliding mechanism in Palworld by simply jumping in the air. However, without the momentum from sliding down a hill, you’ll soon run out of stamina and have to land. Besides, paraglide sliding just looks way better in any case!

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