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Palworld: What Are the Strongest Pals for Fighting/Battle 

Battle with your best!




Palworld features over a hundred Pals for you to catch. All of these Pals have different facets of the game that they excel in. Some of the most exciting Pals to catch are combat-specific ones.

Damage in Palworld varies by Pal type, so it can be Fire, Water, Electric, etc. All of these Pals serve their own purpose in combat, especially for exposing enemy Pal’s weaknesses.  

Here, we are going to talk about some of the strongest Pals for fighting or battle in Palworld!

What Are the Strongest Pals for Fighting/Battle 

The strongest Pals in Palworld for fighting and battle are:

  • Normal Type Pal: Paladius
  • Fire Type Pal: Jormuntide Ignis
  • Water Type Pal: Jormuntide
  • Electric Type Pal: Orserk
  • Ground Type Pal: Anubis
  • Grass Type Pal: Lyleen
  • Ice Type Pal: Frostalion
  • Dark Type Pal: Frostalion Noct
  • Dragon Type Pal: Jetragon 

1. Normal Type Pal: Paladius:

The best normal type Pal in the game for combat is Paladius. He is one of the few rare Legend Type Pals in the game. To find him, you have to fight him as a boss. He can not be tamed otherwise. At level 1, he has the highest stats for a normal type Pal.

Paladius in Palworld

He can use the following moves:

  • Power Shot (Level 1)
  • Ice Missile (Level 7)
  • Iceberg (Level 15)
  • Power Bomb (Level 22)
  • Blizzard Spike (Level 30)
  • Spear Thrust (Level 40)
  • Pal Blast (Level 50)

At base levels, Paladius has:

  • 130 HP
  • 110 Melee Attack
  • 120 Magic Attack
  • 145 Defense

2. Fire Type Pal: Jormuntide Ignis

The best Fire type Pal in Palworld is the Jormuntide Ignis. This is a dragon Pal, which can either be hatched or tamed in the volcanic biome. They can also be ridden into battle, which is always a bonus.

Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld

The Jormuntide Ignis can unlock the following skills:

  • Ignis Blast (Level 1)
  • Dragon Cannon (Level 7)
  • Flare Storm (Level 15)
  • Ignis Breath (Level 22)
  • Tri-Lightning (Level 30)
  • Fire Ball (Level 40)
  • Dragon Meteor (Level 50).

Its base stats are:

  • 130 HP
  • 150 Melee Attack
  • 130 Magic Attack
  • 100 Defense

They can also be used to fly, and their flying speed is 700. 

3. Water Type Pal: Jormuntide:

The best Water-type Pal for combat is the regular Jormuntide. This is the water-based brother of the previously mentioned Jormuntide Ignis. It is the opposite in coloring, and just as good at battles. 

You can get this Pal by either breeding or fighting him as a boss fight

Jormuntide in in Palworld

The skills that Jormuntide can use are:

  • Aqua Gun (Level 1)
  • Dragon Cannon (Level 7)
  • Draconic Breath (Level 15)
  • Aqua Burst (Level 22)
  • Tri-Lightning (Level 30)
  • Hydro Laser (Level 40)
  • Dragon Meteor (Level 50)

Its base stats are pretty close to the Ignis variant:

  • 130 HP
  • 150 Melee Attack
  • 120 Magic Attack
  • 100 Defense

4. Electricity Type Pal: Orserk:

Orserk is the best Electric Type Pal for combat in Palworld. Check out our guide on how to get Orserk for more information. Orserk has slightly lower stats than the previous entries on our list, but it makes up for it in pure raw damage output. 

Orserk in Palworld

Despite the suboptimal stats, Orserk is still the best Electric Type Pal in the game. It possesses the following skills:

  • Kerauno (Level 1)
  • Lightning Strike (Level 7)
  • Spark Blast (Level 15)
  • Draconic Breath (Level 22)
  • Lightning Streak (Level 30)
  • Tri-Lightning (Level 40)
  • Lighting Bolt (Level 50)

At base level, its stats are:

  • 100 HP
  • 100 Melee Attack
  • 130 Magic Attack
  • 100 Defense

5. Ground Type Pal: Anubis:

The strongest Ground type Pal for combat purposes is Anubis. He can be found as a boss or bred through Eggs. Fun fact, this is the smallest Pal on the list! He more than makes up for it with his damage numbers though. 

Anubis in Palworld

Anubis does leave a bit to be desired when it comes to defense numbers, but he has great melee and magic damage. The skills Anubis can use are:

  • Stone Blast (Level 1)
  • Power Bomb (Level 7)
  • Sand Tornado (Level 15)
  • Spinning Roundhouse (Level 22)
  • Forceful Charge (Level 30)
  • Ground Smash (Level 40)
  • Rock Lance (Level 50)

Its base stats are:

  • 120 HP
  • 130 Melee Attack
  • 130 Magic Attack
  • 100 Defense. 

6. Grass Type Pal: Lyleen:

The best Grass type Pal for combat and battle is Lyleen. She can be fought as a world boss, bred through eggs, or found in a wildlife sanctuary. The grass-type Pals aren’t the best suited for combat, but Lyleen still manages to be an excellent fighter. 

Lyleen in Palworld

The grass-based skills she can use are:

  • Wind Cutter (Level 1)
  • Seed Machine Gun (Level 7)
  • Seed Mine (Level 15)
  • Aqua Burst (Level 22)
  • Grass Tornado (Level 30)
  • Spine Vine (Level 40)
  • Solar Blast (Level 50)

The bas stats on a Level 1 Lyleen are:

  • 110 HP
  • 100 Melee Attack
  • 110 Magic Attack
  • 105 Defense. 

7. Ice Type Pal: Frostalion:

The best Ice Type Pal for battling enemies is the Frostalion. It is pretty hard to find, as it can only be obtained through a boss battle. It boasts some of the highest stats on this list though, so it’s very worth the effort. You can also craft a Saddle to ride it.

Frostalion in Palworld

The seven skills it can use are:

  • Air Cannon (Level 1)
  • Ice Missile (Level 7)
  • Icicle Cutter (Level 15)
  • Iceberg (Level 22)
  • Crystal Wing (Level 30)
  • Cryst Breath (Level 40)
  • Blizzard Spike (Level 50)

Its base level stats are:

  • 140 HP
  • 100 Melee Attack
  • 140 Magic Attack
  • 120 Defense

8. Dark Type Pal: Frostalion Noct:

The best dark-type Pal for combat in Palworld is the Frostalion Noct. This is the dark version of the previous Pal entry on this list. You can get this pretty easily if you have the normal Frostalion by breeding it.

Frostalion Noct in Palworld

It has pretty high defense stats, higher than its ice-type brother. It can also be ridden as it is a mountable Pal. The skills you can use are:

  • Air Cannon (Level 1)
  • Dark Ball (Level 7)
  • Shadow Burst (Level 15)
  • Spirit Flame (Level 22)
  • Crystal Wing (Level 30)
  • Nightmare Ball (Level 40)
  • Dark Laser (Level 50)

It’s base stats are: 

  • 140 HP
  • 100 Melee Attack
  • 140 Magic Attack
  • 135 Defense

9. Dragon Type Pal: Jetragon:

The final Pal on the list is Jetragon, which is the best dragon-type Pal for combat in the game. It doesn’t have the best stats on the list, but it makes up for it with its additional abilities. For one, it is the fastest flying mount in the game with a flying speed of 3300. You can also shoot rockets from your mouth while you fly. So, pretty good Pal overall.

Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon can use the following skills for combat:

  • Spirit Fire (Level 1)
  • Dragon Burst (Level 7)
  • Flare Storm (Level 15)
  • Draconic Breath (Level 22)
  • Beam Comet (Level 30)
  • Fire Ball (Level 40)
  • Dragon Meteor (Level 50)

This Pal has the following base stats:

  • 110 HP
  • 100 Melee Attack
  • 140 Magic Attack
  • 110 Defense

There you have it, a list of the best Pals for fighting and battle in Palworld. With some of these at your disposal, you should be more than ready to tackle the endgame enemies.

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