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Palworld: Best Watering Pals to Use in Your Base

Moisturize your base

Nedim Fetahovic



Palworld: Best Watering Pals to Use in Your Base

Watering in Palworld has been one of the key aspects of the game since its launch a few days ago. With Pals playing a huge role in this, there are good and bad Pals for watering different things in your base. The most obvious reason why you need watering Pals in your base is to grow crops. These can be berries, wheat, etc. They all need water to grow.

This is why in today’s article, we’ll cover the best watering Pals you can use in Palworld in your Base for maximum efficiency and faster progress. Let’s get started!

Best Watering Pals to Use in Your Base

Watering Pals in Palword

Watering, as aforementioned, is a crucial aspect of your base mechanics. It is used for growing any crop that you might want, for example, Berries. In addition to this, it is also used for Mills to create different recipes.

The bottom line then is, you need water. It is one of the crucial resources in your base.

Watering Pals

The first Pal we have on this list is Azurobe. This level 17 Pal is a water and dragon element type of Pal that is suitable only for Watering. Its level 3 Watering work suitability is ideal for your base as it will allow it to focus purely on Watering and not get sidetracked by other chores.

Source: ConCon

To catch this Pal, head over to the coordinates -75, and -373 as indicated in the screenshot below.

Azurobe location

The second Pal ideal for watering is Jormuntide. This massive Pal is a level 45 water and dragon element type that is designed only for watering. That is its only work suitability parameter.


To get this Pal, head over to the coordinates -175, -266. Do note that this is a level 45 one that is significantly more difficult to catch so keep that in mind.

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