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World of Warcraft: Dead Man’s Chestplate Treasure

The Dead Man’s Chestplate is an interactive item in the new Dragonflight expansion that contains treasure upon interaction.




There are lots of new and exciting stuff to come in the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. One of them comes in the form of treasures. A good example is the Dead Man’s Chestplate which contains treasure inside of it.

If you’re struggling to find it, this guide is for you.

Dead Man’s Chestplate Treasure in World of Warcraft

Since it is Dragonflight content, you’ll need to get to the Dragon Isles first. Once you get to this area, head over to the Dragonheart Outpost which is on the northeastern part of the map. From there, you’ll notice a huge tower which you’ll have to fly up to using your mount.

Fly your way to the uppermost floor, and on the side of the wall, you’ll notice some piles of bones. One of them is close to the Dead Man’s Chestplate. Simply interact with the chestplate to get the treasure.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the image above, the item is still a placeholder. We’re still yet to figure out what the actual treasure will be once the expansion is released.

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