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World of Warcraft: Azure and Temporal Looms Location

Need the special Azure and Temporal looms? Here’s where to find them.




The Azure and Temporal looms are unique tailoring stations in the Dragonflight expansion. You can use them to craft the Azureweave and Chronocloth bolts.

As such, you will need to find and use them if you wish to get either of these special crafting reagents.

If you are having trouble locating either of these looms, we’ll tell you exactly where to find them in this guide!

Where to Find the Azure Loom in World of Warcraft

Source: Iceberg Gaming

This special loom is inside the Azure Archives on the southwestern section of the Azure Span.

It sits in a small tent near the Flightmaster opposite the inn in the area. If you look toward the flight path, it will be the second tent to your right.

Source: Iceberg Gaming

The Azure Loom’s exact coordinates are 38.36, 60.79.

Just enter the tent and interact with the loom to use it. This is the only way you can craft Azureweave Bolts!

Note that Azureweave Bolts have a crafting cooldown of about 17 hours.

Where to Find the Temporal Loom in World of Warcraft

Meanwhile, the Temporal Loom is in the southeastern section of Thaldraszus, within the Temporal Conflux area.

You can find it within the northeastern section of this hub area, resting within a small hunt.

Note that it might not appear if you haven’t completed the quests in this region. This is because of phasing. You can correct it by flying away and coming back, or by finishing the quests.

The Temporal Loom’s coordinates are 60.84, 80.18.

Once you’ve found it, you can just approach it and interact with it to use it anytime. It’s the only loom that can craft the Chronocloth Bolt.

Just like the Azureweave Bolt, Chronocloth Bolts have a crafting cooldown of about 17 hours.

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