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How to Remove Embellishment in WoW

Have an embellishment you want to get rid of? We’ve got the solution!




Embellishments are powerful abilities that you can find on your equipment in WoW. You can craft them, but they also come pre-slotted into gear at times.

However, the game won’t let you wear too many embellished gear at once! This can prevent you from wearing equipment, so you will want to consider removing the embellishment.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can remove embellishments from any piece of equipment in World of Warcraft!

How to Remove Embellishments in WoW

Source: Scorpius Entertainment

Removing embellishments is pretty straightforward. However, you can’t remove embellishments that you didn’t add yourself.

That means that you won’t be to remove embellishments from equipment that had it naturally.

This is a fairly big limitation, sadly, since you can only have a limited number of embellished items equipped at once. Just keep this in mind when adding embellishments to your gear.

Anyway, you can remove any embellishments you added by recrafting the equipment with Griftah’s All-Purpose Embelisshing Powder.

Source: Scorpius Entertainment

You can get this crafting reagent by buying it for 50 gold from Griftah himself in the Obsidian Citadel. Ironically, his powder is actually useful despite it being just his attempt at scamming players.

Anyway, remember that this won’t work on equipment that had pre-determined embellishments. It will only work on the ones you added yourself by crafting.

Also, you won’t salvage whatever crafting reagents were consumed when you first added the embellishment. Make sure to keep this in mind!

In the crafting menu, just pick the item with the embellishment you want to remove and replace it with Griftah’s powder.

Confirm the craft and you’re all done! We hope this helps you stay within the stringent limits on wearing embellished equipment.

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