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The Cycle Frontier: Titan Ore Location

The Titan Ore is a material you’ll need to craft a variety of items in The Cycle Frontier. The problem is that it’s not that easy to come across one.




The Titan Ore is a somewhat rare resource that you can only find in select locations inside the Bright Sands map. You use it to craft a handful of items in the game such as an Epic Backpack, Epic Light Creature Damage, Epic Medium Converter, and more. It’s also the preferred component for Korolev crafting blueprints.

If you’re struggling to find a Titan Ore, this guide is for you.

Titan Ore Location in The Cycle Frontier

As with any other ores in the game, the prime location for farming a heap of Titan Ores is the Abandoned Mine which you can find on the northern part of the map. However, you’ll need a Mine Access Key in order to gain entry to the mine.

Once inside, you’ll then need to use a Pickaxe to mine the shiny rocks inside the area. The only problem with the Abandoned Mine is that it has active PVP. This means that you’ll be contesting the area against other players.

As such, I highly recommend you prepare the right gear in order to fend off attackers while mining Titan Ores.

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