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The Cycle Frontier: How to Farm Purple Armor and Backpack

In The Cycle Frontier, Epic armor is indicated by the color Purple; to obtain them, you need to farm for materials first.




The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter in which you must travel about the area, fulfill missions for the game’s three factions, and upgrade your equipment.

As you complete these objectives, you will encounter various players and monsters with whom you must combat and win battles. Better armor will undoubtedly aid you in achieving your goals.

How to Farm Purple Armor and Backpack in The Cycle Frontier

Epic armor is one of the best armor sets in the game because of how powerful it is and how simple it is to make. If you’ve played The Cycle Frontier, you’ll already know that the Exotic armor set is the best one chevalier can get.

However, gathering the necessary resources might be time-consuming. At the very least, the Epic armor set allows you to gather all resources in a single run.

Farming Purple Armor and Backpack

It’s pretty easy to gather materials for Purple Armor and Backpack. All you need to know is where to farm them. With that said, the following materials are required:

Purple Helmet

  • Radio Equipment: Radio equipment is available practically everywhere. This item is most usually found in storage rooms inside buildings.
  • Hardened Bone Plates: Hardened Bone Plates can be obtained by killing Jeff or Marauders. This item has a 100% drop rate, making it easy to get.

Purple Shield

  • Smart Mesh: Smart Mesh is usually found in industrial areas and dumpsters. To get the Smart Mesh best, go to the Bright Sands map and look for the Crashed Ship location.
  • Titan Ore: Mining Titan Ore minerals will provide Titan Ore. Head to the Abandoned Mine area and mine the ore itself to obtain titan ore.
  • Hardened Bone Plates

Purple Backpack

  • Dustbloom: The Dustbloom is a unique plant that can only be found in Crescent Falls. This is located to the north of the Starport Warehouse. They are little purple flowers that can be collected by simply walking to them.
  • Smart Mesh
  • Titan Ore

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