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The Cycle Frontier: Bright Sands Ore Map

There are tons of ores you can find throughout the Bright Sands map in The Cycle Frontier. However, remembering all of these locations can be rather daunting.




If you want to farm specific ores on the Bright Sands map, you need to know where you’re going. This is because certain ores can only be found in certain locations. Considering how big the map is, it can be quite difficult to remember all of them.

To help you with that, I have prepared this short guide of a map. This will point you to various locations containing various ores.

Bright Sands Ore Map in The Cycle Frontier

The map contains all of the specific locations you should visit if you want to farm specific ores. However, do keep in mind that some nodes might not be visible since they have different respawn timers.

One quick tip you should keep in mind when farming ores is that when pressing F to obtain an ore, you can also collect another ore next to it by pressing F again. This way, you can farm all of the ores you need by just a few swings of your pick.

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