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The Cycle Frontier: Epic Armor Farm Guide

The Epic Armor is one of the best armors in The Cycle Frontier as of this moment. As such, obtaining it is no easy feat as you’ll need to farm several items first.




As you progress through the game, you’ll find that you’ll need a stronger set of armor than the one you’ve been using so far. You start off with the Standard set which you can buy from any trader, but if you want a higher rarity armor, you’ll need to craft them.

One of the best armor sets in the game is the Epic armor due to how powerful they are and how easy it is to craft them. In this guide, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to farm the materials you’ll need for the Epic armor set.

Epic Armor Farm Guide in The Cycle Frontier

If you’ve played The Cycle Frontier, then you already know that the best armor you should be aiming for is the Exotic armor set. However, farming for its materials can be quite tedious. At least with the Epic armor set, you can obtain all materials in just a single run. That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in this guide.

Do take note that the run is a bit dangerous considering the presence of Crushers and other monsters in your path. This is why you need to bring a few important items first which include:

  • 2x Audio Decoys
  • Smoke Grenade
  • A rapid-firing weapon

Hardened Bone Plates

The first one is the Hardened Bone Plates which you can obtain from the Marauders, otherwise known as Jeff. The best spot to farm this is from the Jeff you can encounter in the middle of the Bright Sands map.

Do take note that the Marauders are quite tough, so you’ll need to bring lots of ammo to kill one. Fortunately, the Marauder inside the base camp won’t be able to go through the loading door screen. As such, you can safely kill it without even taking a hit.

Also, Marauders can either drop one or two Hardened Bone Plates. If you’re lucky, you can get just enough to craft 2 pieces of the Epic armor set.

Brittle Titan Ore

The next material to farm is the Brittle Titan Ore. The best spot to farm this is at the Abandoned Mine located in the northern part of the map. But there’s a catch: the area requires the Mine Access Key, not to mention it has active PVP. Since you’ll be heard throughout the area while mining, other players in that area might just head to your location and kill you on sight.

If you want a far safer spot, then the best option is the spot right above the eastern caverns. It doesn’t yield as many Brittle Titan Ores as the ones at the Abandoned Mine. However, it’s far safer since you won’t come across other players as often.

Smart Mesh

The last material you’ll need to find is the Smart Mesh. So far, the only known location they can drop on the Bright Sands map is in the jungle. The problem with this area is that only a few players visit it, but those who do actually know what they’re doing. This means that if you encounter another player, you’ll be forced to fight them off.

Apart from that, it’s home to lots of Jeffs and other creatures as well. To be specific, you’ll want to head over to the Crashed Ship and look for a Smart Mesh at the back of the ship. Then, as soon as you managed to secure one, get away from the ship as soon as possible.

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