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The Cycle Frontier: Monster Guide | How to Defeat Them

If you’re a new player of The Cycle: Frontier, you might be having a hard time as you fight monsters in the wild.




Trying to figure out how to play a new game on your own might be challenging. In YAGER’s latest game, The Cycle: Frontier, you will drop into the surface to acquire materials needed to complete contracts, upgrade your gear, and take on more powerful opponents.

Drop into Fortuna III to explore the various regions, and defeat different hostile monsters.

Monster Guide in The Cycle Frontier

A Prospector’s life is full of danger, but some of the risks you take can be worthwhile. You can explore alone or in a group, but keep in mind that the more valuable your loot is, the greater the risk.

There are a lot of hostile monsters in The Cycle: Frontier. Be careful not to attract the notice of a band of sneaky Striders or a massive Crusher. This article will teach you what monsters you will encounter in the game and how to defeat them.

Monster List

Walking across the map will occasionally draw monsters who will attempt to kill you. The enemies in the game are designed to attack you all at once, so you won’t see them coming.

With that said, here are the available monsters in the game and how to defeat them:

Strider: These monsters are known to hunt in packs, and they are relatively easy to kill. All you need to do is pull out a knife and charge it up.

Rattler: This monster has two attacks: first, it will try to spit on you when you’re at a distance, and if you are close enough, it will lunge forward and hit you with its claws. Shoot it in a safe space to remain safe.

Blast-Tick: Blast-Ticks will dash to you and explode at your feet. If you shoot it, it will explode and leave its poisonous remains behind. Do this at a safe distance to avoid taking damage.

Jeff/Marauder: The Marauder also has two attacks: first, it will swing at you and open its mouth, which is its weak spot. Use this opportunity to stagger it. Its second attack is a spit shot triggered when you are at a distance. The best way to defeat the Marauder is to hit its weak spot to deal more damage as it staggers.

Crusher: The Crusher is another monster with two attacks. The first one is a punch once you’re near, while the second one happens when the Crusher gathers a piece of the earth and throws it at you. To defeat a Crusher, hit its ankles first, which will make it fall. Once it falls, hit its back which is considered its weak spot.

Alpha Crusher: The newest creature coming to the game will be stronger than the Crusher. This monster will be used to make legendary weapons.

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