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The Cycle Frontier: Crescent Falls Key Locations

Some of the best loot in the game is hidden behind doors requiring special keycards. But where can you find those?




There are special keys you can find in the Cycle Frontier that unlock rooms filled with loot on both maps. The Crescent Falls has seven areas like these. In this guide, we’ll show the location of each and explain how to get keys for them.

How to Get Keys to Crescent Fall’s Locked Rooms in Cycle Frontier

How to Get Keys to Crescent Fall’s Locked Rooms in Cycle Frontier

There is no set location for the keys that open the locked rooms in Crescent Falls. They spawn randomly, usually among other resources you can collect. Your best bet is to search jackets and safes inside the buildings.

Like other items, there are keycards of varying rarity – white are common, green are uncommon, blue are rare and purple are epic. The best place to farm Keycards is Starport Admin, as it has 11 jackets and a safe.

Locked Rooms Locations

Locked Rooms Locations

Here are all seven locked locations with their corresponding keycards:

  1. Favela (Loose House Key) – The building on the left on the top of the red staircase
  2. Nutrion Farm Processing (Overseer Office Key) – The room in the top right side from the entrance to the building.
  3. Green’s Prospect (Garage Office Key) – Left from the giant trucks inside the garage.
  4. Green’s Prospect (Bar Storage Key) – The glass door inside the bar.
  5. Starport Admin (Boss’ Office Key) – In the corridor accessed through the front door.
  6. Starport Admin (Janitor Key) – In the basement of the building. This key opens three separate rooms.
  7. Pinnacle Labs (Lab Keycard) – In the upper right portion of the building.

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