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Myth of Empires: Where to Get Kaolin Clay and Brimstone

Don’t miss any of the important rocks!




Building your own realm in Myth of Empires can be hard if you don’t know where to get Kaolin Clay and Brimstone. In this game, you can build everything from scratch and pick what way of life you want to have.

You can be a farmer and have a quiet life, or you can be a great knight, aiming to be a king. Reaching any of this isn’t easy, and to get to the top, you need to farm a lot of different materials.

There are several different biomes where you can get different materials to start new or advanced buildings. Before you can go to certain places, like the desert, you need to prepare for the environment. We will explain to you how to get ready and how to get the resources you need.

Where to Get Kaolin Clay and Brimstone in Myth of Empires?

The best place to find Kaolin Clay and Brimstone is in the middle of the desert. You could still find those materials around the desert, but in much less quantity.

Myth of Empires location desert

Both materials are more important around mid-game, which means you should farm them when you are a few levels up. They look like big stones.

The Kaolin Clay is white with reddish, light brown spots, and the Brimstone is yellowish with greenish spots.

In the mountains, in said location, you can find even more, but there are wolves. Before you go on a farming trip here, you should prepare yourself and be careful.

Also, be aware of the heat, as it can damage your health over time. Try to avoid wooden armor or certain expensive equipment.

Myth of Empires how Kaolin clay and brimstone look

Finding certain items can be very difficult, and learning where to get Kaolin Clay and Brimstone can give you advantages in the Myth of Empires.

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