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Myth of Empires: How to Farm Copper Easily

Mine it fast and farm it faster!




Myth of Empires Farm copper Easily copper ore in floor

In Myth of Empires, figuring out how to farm copper easily early in the game can save you a lot of time, and possible deaths.

Copper is, like in any other sandbox, a key material for armor, weapons, tools, and more. In other words, you need it ASAP if you want to upgrade your gear or build a base.

In the early game phase, you might not need this material, but after a few levels, upgrading your weapons is key.

You can find copper very easily, but farming can be more complicated thanks to the spread of locations on the map. We will tell you where you can go to farm it without having to travel far away from the starting area.

How to Farm Copper Easily in Myth of Empires?

There are a few methods you can use to farm copper easily in Myth of Empires, but they require that you level up a little. These are the fastest methods to get copper:

Unlock “Recognize Copper Mine”

There are skills that will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run, and “Recognize Copper Mine” is one of them.

You need to use “Keen Sign Soup” for this skill, which allows you to recognize copper whiting 100 meters around you. In theory, you should be able to unlock it before level 20.

Myth of Empires Farm copper Easily recognize skill

The recipe for “Keen Sign Soup” is 6 Wildflowers and 3 Knotweed Herbs. Those can be found in the plains, very easily.

Once you made it, and after you drank it, you could roam around on your horse looking for copper.

Myth of Empires Farm copper Easily keen eye soup

Raid Mines

If you aren’t afraid of fighting, and you want to farm a lot of copper very fast, you could look for a Copper Mine.

Usually, mines are controlled by other factions, and the enemies can do a lot of damage if you are low-level. We suggest that you pull one enemy at a time and fight one-on-one instead of fighting a whole group.

If you successfully kill everyone, every enemy will drop Copper Ores, money, Linen, and hopefully a leveled key. In every mine, there’s a lot of copper that you can mine too if the enemies don’t have a lot on them.

Myth of Empires Farm copper Easily raid mine

Look in Hillsides and in the Rain Forest

If you can’t find anything in the starting area, you could look on the Hillsides and in the Rain Forest zone.

The Hillsides are fairly close to the starting area, yes, but you can also venture too far. If you find iron ores or similar, more high-level materials, you pass the copper area.

Myth of Empires Farm copper Easily hillside

At first, finding some materials can be challenging, more so if you don’t really know where to look.

In Myth of Empires, it is important to always know where to look, so you can start your conquering efforts faster. Additionally, you can have a badass character faster, which will let you kill your enemies, well, faster.

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