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How to Sell Items Directly From Your Base in Myth of Empires

Get rich fast, safe and sound, from your base!




Trade menu sell items from your base

Managing money in any game is hard, and in Myth of Empires, you have added pressure, nonetheless, you can sell items directly from your base.

This might sound like something obvious, but it saves you a lot of time. Thanks to this, you don’t need a cart or to travel as a merchant for hours to make a profit.

Selling directly from your base isn’t the most profitable, but it’s a good method to make a lot of money early. Planning a trade route is better in the long run, but it takes a lot of time. Before you gain a few levels or make friends, you won’t be able to do this on your own.

How to Sell Items From Your Base in Myth of Empires?

Base in Myth of Empires

In the beginning, you will probably live off fishing, the land, and trading a few items. This can get you some coins, nonetheless, when you are able to have a base, you will need other means of income. Selling from your base is very profitable during the early game stages, and you need to:

Flag down your base. Flagging down your base can be a process anything but it’s easy and also expensive. If you are solo and just starting the game, this might take you a while.

Once you have your flag, enter your inventory from the flag options. This will send you to a trading inventory.

Flag menu to sell items in Myth of Empires

Drag and drop the items you want to sell. If you right-click on them, you can see the price of each piece of the item you are selling.

Myth of Empires sell items from your base trade menu

Some items can’t be sold, so this can be a trial-and-error experience, but almost all the materials and most consumables in the game can be sold. Later, you should be able to sell most of the items in your inventory.

Making money in Myth of Empires isn’t easy, but it can be done, and there are a lot of methods, such as selling items from your base.

Try this, and plan trade routes later, either with a guild or your friends. No matter how, you will need the coins, which means you should explore ways to make money.

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