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Myth Of Empires: How to Fish

Can you open up a sushi joint in this game?




Myth of Empires is a war game with survival elements, which means you’ll eventually need food! And, as the old saying goes, “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Fish are one of the most common food sources in the game, so you would do well to learn how to fish if you want to survive the war.

In this guide, we’ll go over all fishing methods currently available in Myth of Empires.

How to Fish – Learning the Recipes

Myth Of Empires: How to Fish - Fishing Recipes

There are three different ways to fish in Myth of Empires, though all three of them are locked behind specific Workbench & Tools Crafting Recipes you need to learn.

To begin with, let’s go over the three tools required to start fishing and their requirements:

  • Fishing Tier I: Harpoon – Can be unlocked at Level 10.
  • Fishing Tier II: Fishing Rod – Can be unlocked at Level 15 after you learn Fishing Tier I.
  • Fishing Master: Angler’s Creel – Can be unlocked at Level 26, but only once you’ve learned Fishing Tier I and Fishing Tier II.

As you can see, each different tier of the Fishing Crafting Recipes will unlock a new fishing tool, giving you 3 different ways to fish. On top of that, you’ll unlock better bait!

How to Use the Harpoon

Myth Of Empires: How to Fish - Harpoon

Now, let’s go over how to use all of the different fishing tools. We’ll go over them in unlock order, so let’s first talk about the Harpoon!

The Harpoon is the easiest and quickest tool to use. You just need to find a spot with visible fish in any body of water and equip it, then Left Click while aiming at the water.

Its limitations are mostly that you need to find very specific fishing spots and that it can only catch basic fish. Nonetheless, it’s the fastest way to get some food!

How to Use the Fishing Rod

Myth Of Empires: How to Fish - Fishing Rod

Using the Fishing Rod is a bit more involved and slower than using the Harpoon.

It makes up for it by allowing you to catch higher-tier fish and not having to deal with the limited spawns in specific spots, though!

As you might imagine, you’ll also need to put some Fishing Bait on the rod before casting the line. To do that, drag and drop Fishing Bait onto the Fishing Rod while you’re in the inventory.

There are different types of Fishing Bait, too, but none of them will speed up the process. Different types of bait attract different types of fish, though, with higher-tiers drawing in rarer fish.

Line cast!

Once you’re ready for a riveting fishing experience, stand near any body of water and press Left Click to cast the rod.

Hold the button to cast the line further away!

With your line cast, you just have to stand there and wait for a fish to bite. Gonna be honest here: this can take quite a while. Time to put your patience to the test!

Caught a Loach

Once you finally get a bite, press Right Click to reel the poor fish in and you’ll catch it.

How to Use Angler’s Creel Fish Traps

Myth Of Empires: How to Fish - Angler's Creel

Lastly, we have the Angler’s Creel, which are fish traps you can craft at the Carpenter Bench.

Inspecting an Angler's Creel contents

To use these traps, just place them down in any body of water and interact with them to put some Fishing Bait in. Then you just need to wait… you need to wait quite a lot, actually!

Angler’s Creel is extremely slow at catching fish, so it can take even hours before you get anything.

Nonetheless, they’re a nice passive fishing method. Put a few of these traps down and then check them later to get fish without having to put in any effort!

But, there you have it, now you know everything you need to know to become a master fisherman in Myth of Empires!

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