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Where to Find Hardwood in Myth of Empires

Stock up on Hardwood




How to Get Hardwood in Myth of Empires

Crafting is a very important part of Myth of Empires gameplay, as it gives you access to plenty of useful items. To craft these items, you will need to have plenty of different resources. One of the most important resources you can have is Hardwood.

Hardwood is used in many different items and you will need a lot of it. In this guide, we will be looking at where you can find it, and how to harvest it.

Where to Find Hardwood

As it is a type of wood, Hardwood can be collected by cutting down trees. You can find trees all over Myth of Empires, but not all trees will drop Hardwood.

tree that drops hardwood in Myth of Empires

You will need to find a tree with a larger trunk and a darker bark than most other trees. The image above shows the kind of tree you will need to cut down.

hardwood you get after cutting down tree in Myth of Empires

After that, simply hitting the tree with your axe will get you the Hardwood. While on horseback, any resources that drop from the tree will automatically be added to your horse’s inventory.

Horses are extremely useful animals to have in Myth of Empires, and you can get yourself a horse by taming it.

How to Get More Hardwood from Trees

There are ways in which you can increase the Hardwood you get from trees.

skill that increases hardwood output

Skills like “Wood Output Boost” will increase the amount of Hardwood that you get when cutting down trees.

As you level up, you get access to better skills related to the drops you get from trees. There are tiers to a lot of skills, and higher-tier skills will give you bigger boosts.

skill that helps you find hardwood trees

Other than skills that boost output, you can also unlock other useful skills. For example, the “Recognize Lv.2 Tree” skill helps you find more trees that can give you Hardwood.

soup that goes along with the skill

The skill alongside Keen Sight Soup will make it much easier to find the trees that you are looking for. You can craft a bunch of these soups and get Hardwood much faster.

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