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How to Tame and Feed a Horse in Myth of Empires

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Myth of Empires has a large open world for you to explore, which makes having a horse extremely important. Horses are great animals to have, as they can help you traverse long distances.

Before being able to use a horse though, you will need to tame it first. Alongside taming a horse, feeding it is also important. We will be looking at how to do both of those things.

How to Tame and Feed a Horse

There are two essential items that you will need to have when trying to tame a horse. These items are Coarse Rein and Coarse Dry Fodder. Both of these items are essential to catching and taming a horse and making it your own.

Horses are one of the easiest animals to tame in the game, especially compared to taming an elephant.

Once you’ve tamed a horse, you must also make sure that you properly feed the horse so it doesn’t end up starving to death.

Coarse Rein and Coarse Dry Fodder

crafting recipe unlock for horse taming items

Both the Coarse Rein and Coarse Dry Fodder items need to be crafted to be used. To craft the items, you will need to first unlock them from the Crafting Recipes menu.

Make sure to craft a bunch of these items as you might end up needing more than one when trying to tame a horse.

Taming the Horse in Myth of Empires

With the newly crafted items in your inventory, you will now be able to catch and tame the horse. The first thing you need to do is mount the horse. This is where both of your items will come into use.

horses coming towards the coarse dry fodder bait

The Dry Coarse Fodder is food for the horse that will help you attract it. Place it on the ground and simply wait for the horse to get baited. Once the horse is close enough, sneak up to it and mount it using the Coarse Rein.

This step might take you a few tries, as the horse can very easily get away from you. Utilizing stealth here is important as it’s very easy to spook the horse.

4 bars used in taming a horse

When you are on top of a wild horse, you can see 4 different bars on your screen. To tame the horse you will need to fill up the Taming Points bar. While you are doing this, the Rage bar will also slowly build up.

game command to repeatedly press buttons when the horses rage gets full

When the Rage bar is full, the horse will go into a frenzy and try to throw you off. You will need to rapidly click the left and right mouse buttons based on instructions that pop up on your screen.

This whole process might take some time, as the Taming Points bar fills up the slowest. If you fail during the taming process, you will need to start over by mounting another horse using your Coarse Rein and Coarse Dry Fodder.

How to Feed Horses in Myth of Empires

transferring food from your inventory to the horses inventory.

Once you tame the horse, make sure you feed it to prevent it from starving to death. You can feed the horse using the same Coarse Dry Fodder you used to bait it towards you. The horse will automatically consume food that you put in its inventory.

Make sure to always feed the horse on time to keep it happy and prevent it from dying. It’s also good to make a designated place to keep your horses using fences and gates. Having the horse run away will make all your effort feel useless.

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