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Myth of Empires: How to Tame an Elephant

Get the upper hand thanks to a behemoth!




Myth of Empires how to tame Elephant

In Myth of Empires, it’s possible to befriend animals, which makes it important to know how to tame an elephant. Animals can be allies in war or can help you in your settlement with multiple tasks. The larger the animal, the harder it’s, but it’s not impossible to train any animal you see on the map.

Taming any animal is more or less like how other empires tamed animals in the past. This isn’t the easiest task, and you need a lot of resources.

Knowing how to do it allows you to plan ahead of time, making it easier in the future. You can prepare the materials and the cages beforehand and go all in when you are ready.

How to Tame an Elephant in Myth of Empires?

Elephants are strong and ideal for warfare in Myth of Empires. You can find plenty of elephants in the wild, and there are a few places where low-level elephants are located.

Myth of Empires how to tame Elephant location

Nonetheless, before you can tame them, you need to follow these steps:

Build a giant cage and prepare at least 2.5 kg of specially dried fodder. The cage and the fodder will take time to create, with the fodder being the slowest. This could take you days, so try to have extra food prepared just in case.

giant cage for elephant

Find an elephant and lure it to the cage. We suggest you have the cage close to your base. The taming process will take a lot of time, depending on the elephant’s level and your own skill level.

luring elephant to cage

Once the elephant is in the cage, hit it with a blunt weapon until you knock him out. Once the elephant falls to the floor, don’t hit him; you might kill him.

They are quite difficult animals to tame, but not as difficult as killing a tiger without any gear.

taming elephant in Myth of Empires

Give him the fodder you have in your inventory, and wait for the elephant to eat it. You can check if this is working thanks to the obedience bar.

Myth of Empires how to tame Elephant fodder

Repeat the process until the obedience bar is full. In other words, knock him out and give him food over and over again. You might attempt to do this without a cage, but it is 10 times slower and harder.

Elephants are a behemoth of creatures in Myth of the Empires, and knowing how to tame them can improve your strategies. One or two of these animals can beat entire camps without help. In consequence, having a few war elephants will turn you into a force to be afraid.

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