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Myth of Empires: How to Kill a Tiger Without Gear

The hunter becomes the hunted.




If you’re crazy enough to try to kill a tiger without having proper gear in Myth of Empires, you’ve come to the right guide!

Not only is it extremely rewarding to accomplish this feat, but it also makes it easier to deal with any wild tigers you encounter even when you do have a full set of armor to protect yourself with.

Ready to take on this unique challenge? Read on and we’ll tell you how to make sure these tigers can’t lay a single claw on you!

How to Kill a Tiger Without Gear – Challenge Strategy Guide

Myth of Empires: How to Kill a Tiger Without Gear - Stealth

You’ll encounter many different animals in Myth of Empires. Some are friendly and can be tamed like elephants, while others are more dangerous and will attack you instantly. One of them is a tiger.

To kill a tiger without proper gear in Myth of Empires, you have to be extremely careful. Basically, you can’t let the tiger hit you even a single time, as you will most likely die instantly!

Once you spot the tiger you want to kill, you should instantly crouch and start using stealth. Carefully follow the tiger, tracking it while making sure that it doesn’t spot you.

Right behind the tiger

Your goal is to wait for the tiger to stay put in one place, then approach it from behind. You have to get right behind the tiger before it realizes you’re even there…

Get in place right behind the tiger and then you can start attacking it. At this point, you have to exploit the tiger’s sluggish turning speed!

The tiger will constantly try to turn around to its left and right. Try to counter its turns by strafing to the sides and you’ll be able to stay safe behind it, however.

The tiger is turning right so the player strafes left

If the tiger rears its ugly head to the right, you should strafe to the left, and vice-versa.

Match its movements so that you stay right behind it and it will never have a chance to retaliate!

The tiger's down!

All that’s left is for you to keep attacking it while strafing to counter its attempts to turn around. Don’t get over-eager when attacking, though, focus primarily on moving to the sides.

Master this technique and you’ll be able to kill any tiger you want without having to use any proper equipment!

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