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Pacific Drive: How to Increase Inventory Size

Its hard carry time!

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Pacific Drive: How to Increase Inventory Size

In Pacific Drive you will be challenged with an intense survival experience, where managing inventory space can be essential for progression.

Expanding your inventory is not only possible on several fronts, but essential for thriving in the game. Here’s how you can increase your inventory size!

How to Increase Inventory Size

As you delve into anomalies and scavenge resources, your inventory size becomes a limiting factor. There are two main ways you can increase the carrying capacity of your bag and your car.

Upgrading Your Backpack size

Pacific Drive Use the Outfitting station to increase inventory size

The backbone of your inventory management starts with your backpack. The Outfitting Station is where you will go to expand its capacity.

Open the Outfitting Station. Navigate to the inventory options and select the Medium Backpack.

Pacific Drive Increase the size of your backpack to medium

Craft the Medium Backpack using 20 pieces of Fabric. The inventory slots in your backpack will immediately increase, allowing you to carry more items during your trips into the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

Increasing Car Storage

Pacific Drive Fabrication Station

Your car more or less serves as a mobile base and storage unit. Increasing its inventory capacity is increasingly necessary for collecting more resources and equipment.

Pacific Drive increase car storage

Use the Fabrication Station and access the Car Storage tab. Begin with the basic upgrade, Side Storage. The panel on the right-hand side displays the requirements. Take the upgrade plans and craft the Side Storage at a workbench.

Once you are done, install the Side Storage onto your car to expand its inventory space significantly! All of your Car storage upgrades can be done in this way.

Resources Needed for Increasing Inventory in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive where to find Anchors

For the initial expansion of your inventory, invest resources and effort into unlocking new upgrades. While out in the Exclusion Zone gather Stable Energy from anchors and necessary materials like fabric, and specific crafting components.

You can check exactly what you need for upgrades on the right-hand side when you access the Fabrication or Outfitting stations.

Strategic Planning

Efficient resource management is key in order to maximize your inventory size. Prioritize collecting materials required for inventory expansion early on. Allocate your resources wisely to ensure a balanced approach toward enhancing both your backpack and car storage.

With a larger inventory at your disposal, venture forth on more challenging expeditions and increase your chances of survival in the unforgiving world of Pacific Drive.

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