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Pacific Drive: How Resistances Work

You’re only as good as your car in this apocalypse…




In Pacific Drive, your best friend is your car. Building your car up optimally with the best parts will lead to the best chances of survivability. You can craft a lot of different car pieces, and all of them will help you build your optimal car!

Some of these car pieces offer different bonuses in the forms of resistances. You can combine these pieces and stack the resistances, but the game doesn’t explain the system very well. We’re here to help you out!

How Resistances Work

Resistances can be of different types. You can have impact resistance, explosion resistance, electrical resistance and acid resistance. The game tells you what resistance each item has, and usually the names of the items indicate this as well. For example, Anticorrosive parts offer acid resistances.

Steel Panel Properties in Pacific Drive

These resistances can stack, so if you have parts with the same resistance types, they will be added together. This should be kept in mind when customizing vehicles. If you’re about to head into an area with a lot of sizzling mist for instance, you should make use of a lot of electrical resistance parts.

The part where the resistance system gets complicated is when we get to the application of resistances to adjacent parts. Basically, any given part will also apply its resistances to some other parts which are adjacent to it. This means that a lot of the car’s parts will inherit resistances to other parts which are next to it.

The exact inheritance mechanics are unclear, and it’s best to play around with them yourself to learn the ins and outs of the system. We’ll give you some examples, so you can feel more confident while experimenting yourself. 

Rear Right Panel in Pacific Drive

If you have a Rear Right Panel with certain resistances, multiple parts will inherit its resistances. They are as follows:

  • The bumper of the car,
  • Side Racks,
  • Tires.

All the other parts of the car work similarly. Another example would be that the Front Right Door will inherit resistance properties from the Rear Right Door and the Front Right Panel. Bumpers are unique because they inherit from three different parts. They are as follows:

  • Hood
  • Trunk Door 
  • 2 Adjacent Side Panels

There’s a lot of different car builds made possible by this system. It is a little confusing and daunting, but most complex systems are. Armed with the knowledge gained from this article, you should be able to start making your own unique builds now! 

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