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Where to Find 9V Battery in Pacific Drive

A must-have resource




Crafting is an integral part of Pacific Drive’s gameplay. You will need many valuable items that can only be crafted in this game, and to craft these items, you will need to have the right resources.

One such resource is the 9V Battery. The 9V Battery is used in several important items, so you should always have a bunch of it in your inventory.

Where to Find 9V Battery

the 9v battery dropped after destroying an electronic

You can find the 9V Battery by taking apart the various electronics you find when playing Pacific Drive. Like most drops in this game, the 9V battery isn’t a guaranteed drop. It has a high chance of dropping from electronics but it isn’t certain.

Taking apart a good number of electronics like radios should give you a bunch of 9V Batteries. Broken-down electronics that can drop these batteries are quite common in this game. Make sure to take down as many as you can, as there are plenty of other valuable items that drop from electronics.

When looking for specific resources in Pacific Drive, you can utilize the game’s in-built Checklist. Using the Checklist will help you keep track of all the different resources that you require to craft specific items.

Use the Scrapper to Destroy Electronics

scrapper being used on an electronic

Electronics containing 9V Batteries can be taken apart using the Scrapper. To destroy the electronics, simply go up to them and use the Scrapper. Underneath each item, you can find their health bar.

Other than electronics, 9V Batteries can also be found in crates. Similarly to electronics, 9V Batteries are a possible drop from crates. They are not guaranteed, so you will need to destroy a good amount of crates to get enough 9V Batteries.

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