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Pacific Drive: How to Get Chemicals

Chemistry class is in session!




In Pacific Drive, you need to be collecting and looting for resources often. Some of these resources are easier to find than others though. One of the more important resources is the Chemicals.

Chemicals are important because they’re used to craft Repair Putty. Finding Chemicals in Pacific Drive can be a little annoying because the game doesn’t explain where you can get them. We’re here to help though!

How to Get Chemicals

Chemicals are randomly placed inside the Green Hazmat Cabinets. These cabinets can be found inside the trailers placed all around the world. 

Trailers in Pacific Drive

Whenever you see one, enter it and look for the Green Hazmat Cabinets. 

Cabinets in Pacific Drive

These cabinets often have the chemicals we need placed inside them. Grab whatever you can get and move on to the next trailer. While we couldn’t call these rare, they aren’t the easiest to find either. Patience is a virtue!

Chemicals in Pacific Drive

Sometimes either the Trailer or the Cabinet can be locked. In those cases, you don’t need to worry because finding keys is not necessary. All you need is a Prybar, and you should be able to access those sweet chemicals. 

As long as you keep looking for these cabinets, you should have enough Chemicals for your repair needs. Primarily, repair putty is used to fix vehicle damage, so drive safely!

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