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Pacific Drive: How to Turn Your Car Back Over After Crash

Can cars even do that?




A fresh new innovative survival game, Pacific Drive manages to stand out in a very saturated genre of games. Driving is a core mechanic of the game, most of what you do in the game is related to the car you have.

One of the most common things that can happen to you in Pacific Drive are car crashes. The rocky terrain and dark atmosphere of the game make experiencing car crashes quite common. Unfortunately, some of these crashes might end up flipping your car, leaving you unable to drive it.

The game doesn’t exactly do the best job of telling you how to turn your car back after it has flipped over. Our guide looks at that for you, so you can continue in Pacific Drive.

How to Turn Your Car Back Over After Crash

gameplay shot in pacific drive

Turning your car back after a crash seems like a simple enough task, but it is something easier said than done. Most tasks or actions in this game can be done by interacting with something. For your car though, you will have to kick it back in place, yes that’s right, kick it.

kick command in pacific drive

You will learn how to kick in the game right at the start of it. Depending on the platform you are on, press the kick button while facing the car to turn it back over. Once the car is back to how it should be, you can sit back in the car and drive it again.

Do remember, to use kicking in this game, you can not be carrying any items. So if the kick is not working for you, make sure you are not holding anything when trying to kick the car.

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