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Pacific Drive: How to Unlock New Routes

Arrive alive through the path you drive!

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Pacific Drive: How to Unlock New Routes

In Pacific Drive, new routes need to be unlocked to explore the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Unlocking as many routes as possible is particularly important. It allows you to skip certain routes that may be more damaging to your vehicle, and eventually unlock a highway, which acts as the fast travel option.

How to Unlock New Routes

Pacific Drive Extreme environment acid rain
(Source: A Tribe Called Cars)

Because of the extreme environment, each trip takes a tole on your car. It might seem easy at first, to pick a new destination, fill up the tank and go – but because of the wear and tear on your car, planning is crucial.

Pacific Drive Select your destination on the map

First, you will need to open up the Route Planner and select a destination. Preferably not one in a storm but if you must go into one make sure you and your car are suitably kitted out. It is essential to keep picking new routes that you have not been to before.

Pacific Drive arrows showing new routs on the map
(Source: Fisk)

When you hover over your chosen destination, arrows branch out from the location, showing which routes will open once you clear it. Where possible it is always better to choose safe routes, finish them, and unlock new routes.

Highways will open up as you unlock lots of new routes. You will still need to drive along the highway manually, but these routes are short and have almost no anomalies. They provide a straight run to your next destination that will cause much less damage to your car.

Pacific Drive Hazardous routes

You can of course try dangerous roads. It is generally not the best idea however because unstable areas have multiple hazards. You will not have time to farm materials peacefully, If you crash you’ll waste valuable time trying to turn your car back over. Essentially you will return to the garage with a damaged car and nothing to fix it… If you make it back with your car at all.

So, before heading to the next main objective, try to open new roads to speed up your journey! After all, the next area you reach might not be as hospitable as the one you are in now.

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