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Myth of Empires: How to Revive a Horse

Bring back your trusty companion




Horses are extremely valuable and useful animals in Myth of Empires. They act as a basic mode of transportation and are very good to have in skirmishes and battles. Like your character, Horses in this game can also die.

Luckily, you can revive your Horse in this game. If you are someone who gets very attached to animals like Horses, then this option is a lifesaver. Getting your trusty companion back is one of the best feelings in Myth of Empires.

How to Revive a Horse

To revive a Horse, you will need to have the Stable. The Stable like most structures in this game is something that you will have to unlock before you can build it.

Unlock stable Myth of Empires

You can unlock the Stable through the Crafting Recipes menu. The Stable unlock can be found under the Tame and Recruit tab, as indicated in the image above. Once the Stable is unlocked, you can place it at your base and interact with it.

what you need to press while in the stable menu to revive a horse Myth of Empires

Upon interacting with the Stable, you can see all the Horses that you have tamed over here. There is also some valuable information regarding the Horse’s name, level, and health available to you.

Just above the area with all the Horses you have, there is a small icon that you need to click. The arrow in the image above shows this icon.

Clicking this icon will show you all your Horses that have died. To revive a horse, click on the horse and then select the recovery option below.

After a short while, the Horse should be back at your Stable. Be sure to feed your Horses on time, as lack of food can also kill Horses in Myth of Empires.

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