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Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Leveling, Resources, Crafting and More

Starting your own empire ain’t an easy feat!




Myth of Empires is an extremely unique game, blending a multiplayer open-world sandbox with survival elements and a war theme, but all of that makes it extremely complex for a beginner!

There are dozens of systems you have to keep track of, between the survival and war elements, plus you also have to deal with things like crafting and other players…

But, to make things a tad more palatable, we present you with an ultimate beginner’s guide that will help you get your footing more easily!

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How Leveling Works

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Leveling

To level up in Myth of Empires, you have to get experience. Same as the vast majority of other games in the sense, at least!

However, one neat thing about this game is that literally everything you do will get you experience.

Even just picking up random rocks and grass will give you some experience, which can be incredible for leveling up early.

It’s also a good idea to complete all of the tutorial Quests as soon as possible, you can check them out by simply pressing the “L” key.

These basic Quests won’t just help you learn how to play the game, they are also a fantastic source of early experience!

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Crafting Recipes

Leveling up will also net you some Recipe Points. You can use them to learn various Crafting Recipes from the aptly-titled Crafting Recipes technology tree, further expanding your repertoire of tools.

As you can see, leveling up doesn’t just make you stronger!

Choosing a Server

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - PvP Server

Once you reach Level 16, you will be given the option to choose to opt-in for a PvP server. Myth of Empires is a multiplayer war sandbox, after all, so PvP is the main game mode!

However, you can opt to stay in on the PvE server. It’s safer since other players can’t attack you or troll you, but it undercuts the war element that is central to the game.

It might be a good idea to stay in the PvE server if you’re still learning the game, though!

Server Transfer

You can also change servers anytime by finding a Carter NPC and asking them to “go to other countries”. Select a region and server you want to switch over to and you’re done!

You’ll get to bring some of your items with you as well whenever you switch servers, so you won’t start over from scratch.

Learn to Gather Resources

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Resources

Myth of Empires has survival mechanics, which means you’ll have to gather dozens of resources for crafting and to stay alive. You can find resources all over your in-game map, so they’re easy to find.

Some of the key early game resources are basic things like Grass, Branches, and Stones. Those can be collected by just walking up to them and holding “E”, no need for any tools!

More advanced resources will require tools, though, as follows:

  • Axe – Unlocked at the very start, can be used to chop down trees to get Wood.
  • Fishing Tools – There are multiple ways to fish, but the first one that you can unlock is the Harpoon at Level 10.
  • Hammer – Unlocked from the start, you can use it to mine Stone and Ore nodes, such as Copper veins.
  • Hunting Knife – You automatically unlock this tool at Level 12. Killing animals with it will give you more animal resources than usual, so it’s great for Furs and Meat.
  • Sickle – This tool unlocks at Level 12. You can use it to get more Plant resources when gathering, such as Grass. Also good to catch small animals, like Scorpions and Toads.
Myth of Empires gameplay

You’ll unlock more advanced versions of the tools via the Crafting Recipes technology tree, as well. Those will allow you to gather higher-tier variants of resources, as well as speed up the process.

Make sure that you get the right tools for the job, and start hoarding all the resources you possibly can!

Expand Your Storage

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Storage

Gathering resources is all well and good, but you’ll eventually end up reaching the inventory’s weight capacity limit.

This will prevent you from moving until you clear up space, and will also prevent you from hoarding too many items at once!

You can work around this, thankfully, in a variety of ways.

The first one is to increase your Physique Talent. This talent, like the other talents, gains experience separate from your main Level and Experience.

You’ll mostly level it up by engaging in combat, particularly whenever you take damage!

Wooden Chest

However, leveling up Physique will only increase your Carry Weight by a small amount, and it’s quite slow to level up. So, instead, you should start to expand your storage options.

The easiest way to increase your storage becomes available once you reach Level 4, which will automatically unlock the Wooden Chest recipe.

All you have to do is craft one of these chests (or a bunch of them!) and place it on your base. Interact with it and put away items you don’t need while exploring.

Horse inventory

Later on, once you reach Level 14, you can opt to get help from an equine pal. Just learn the “Tame Horse” Crafting Recipe from the technology tree and you’ll be able to start taming horses.

Not only are these majestic beasts helpful to speed up travel, they are also great for carrying extra weight.

Make sure to build ample storage containers and to have horses so that you never have to throw away your hard-earned items and resources!

Learn the Basics of Fast Travel

Myth of Empires: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Fast Travel

Myth of Empires’ world is massive, and getting everywhere on foot is simply not realistic if you value your time.

As such, you should know that there’s actually a fast travel system in the game!

You can freely teleport between any beds you’ve put down, just approach them and select “Teleport”. This will bring up the map window and let you choose any other bed you have as your destination.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy bed or an extremely basic Bedroll, they all allow you to fast travel.

Bedroll in inventory

However, there’s a huge downside to this fast travel system: you will drop anything you’re carrying when you teleport.

The only way to somewhat work around this is by placing down storage containers, such as Chests, near the bed. Put your things away before you use the bed to teleport and you will, at least, not lose them.

Despite this downside, though, using fast travel will be vital to be able to explore everything that Myth of Empires has to offer!

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