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Myth of Empires: Ultimate Combat Guide

Master the games combat system




Myth of Empires is mainly a survival game, but it places a large focus on combat. The game goes for a realistic approach to its combat, and that shows in the game.

Combat in this game being realistic, makes it a bit difficult to get a hang of. On top of that, different weapons in Myth of Empires will give you a completely different experience.

We take a look at all the essentials you need to know before starting your journey in Myth of Empires.

Ultimate Combat Guide

directional combat in myth of empires

Myth of Empires has directional combat, which focuses on giving you a more authentic fighting experience. The game features 8-directional combat when using melee weapons, and this can take some time getting used to.

You can also engage enemies while on horseback. Fights in this game can at times feel even more difficult as enemy damage generally feels quite high. With the game having online play, playing alongside friends or other online players can make the experience much easier.

Depending on the weapon you are using, the combat will feel very different. Slower two-handed weapons will deal more damage but are quite slow. One-handed weapons on the other hand are better at speed but will deal less damage than two-handed ones.

larger battle myth of empires

Alongside 1v1 combat or smaller skirmishes, there will also be plenty of times in which you will engage in larger battles. You can utilize your strategic knowledge and take on large armies with the help of your allies.

Skill Progression

talent and skill menu myth of empires

The game allows you to learn additional skills and become stronger as you level up. You can look at the different unlockable and upgradeable skills through the Talent and Skill menu.

There are 5 different categories in the combat system:

  • One-Handed
  • Shield
  • Two-Handed
  • Polearm
  • Heavy Armor

Leveling up the categories will help you get more defense or attack stats depending on the category. Upgrades in the armor categories will be more focused on improving your defense.

As you level up the different categories, you will also gain access to various unique perks. These perks can provide you with special bonuses that are not always stat-related.

heavy armor upgrades myth of empires

Early on in the game focus more on armor upgrades as they are more universal. Armor is something that you will always have on, so upgrades in that category are much better.

Focusing on one combat category early is a good approach too, as you can gain very valuable perks and bonuses extremely quickly.

Other than combat skills, you can also level up and learn all sorts of other skills in the game. Most of these skills are learned directly by leveling up by performing actions related to it. Be sure to unlock everything you can and become much stronger.

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