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Myth of Empires: Where to Farm Iron Ore

Where’s some iron when you need it?




Myth of Empires has a lot of different resources that you need in order to make meaningful progress. These resources are of different types, such as mineral resources. One of these mineral resources is Iron Ore.

If you’re struggling to find some Iron ore, you’re not the only one. We’re gonna help you out here, so don’t worry!

Where to Farm Iron Ore

You can farm Iron Ore in areas higher up in Myth of Empires. Most mountainous areas will get the job done. These areas are a little dangerous to deal with though. There are wild animals such as wolves and bears. If you’re of a lower level, you might die.

Thankfully, Iron deposits are easy to find. Having a horse to travel faster might help here. They are very dark in color, basically black. Once you find them, half the job is already done! 

Mining Iron in Myth of Empires

To mine Iron you need to break apart the rock. The tool required to do this is the Hammer.

Once you’ve mined some, you should see it in your inventory. The tier of your hammer dictates how long it takes to mine a rock and how much Iron you receive through mining.

For this reason, we recommend at least a Bronze Hammer. Having a lower-level Hammer is going to make it more dangerous as well. The longer you spend in one location just mining, the more likely wild animals are to attack you.

Hopefully, you’re now more confident while trying to find Iron Ore. It’s not too complicated thankfully, so you should be swimming in Iron in no time!

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