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Myth of Empires: Best Base Locations 

Start your base in the correct location for maximum reward!




Myth of Empires features a large world full of resources to gather and animals to tame. The better your base location, the closer these resources and animals are to you. Additionally, you want a base that is safe and easy to protect. 

Finding good locations to build your base on can be more complicated than preferred sometimes. We’re here to help out with that!

Best Base Locations

Choosing base locations requires finding a location that has the best combination of all the things we want. Based on these criteria, we’ve compiled three of the best base locations in Myth of Empires!

Big Farm

Big Farm is an area next to the rainforest. There are many resources such as iron, coal, and copper right next door.

You can also find various animals such as Wolves and Bears if you need to do some hunting or taming. You can also find some Level 15 – Level 30 Strongholds. There is also a Neutral Camp nearby. 

This is a great location for newcomers to the game. If you make sure your area is well protected, this is one of the best areas early on. 

Myth of Empires: Best Base Locations 

The area here is especially good for growing crops and plants. It is all naturally fertilized, and it’s very large as well so space isn’t an issue. By doing some basic terraforming, you can get a massive area to plant crops in. There is no lack of flat ground, that’s for sure. 

Myth of Empires: Best Base Locations 


This is an area close to the desert, high up in the mountains. By having an area higher up, you automatically make it a lot more defended.

It’s inaccessible from most sides due to the mountains surrounding it. You’ll only need a few walls to cover up the few possible ways to access the area.

In addition to this, you’ll find this area provides a very close location to the Desert and Big Farm areas. You can camp out here to avoid the heat from the desert while staying reasonably close. There’s a lot of flat ground if you want to do some farming as well.

Desert Area in Myth of Empires

This area isn’t the largest though, so it’s more suited for either temporary use or for smaller guilds. It is close to several iron spawns, animal spawns and even a river for water usage. 

Top Area in Myth of Empires

Mountain Top

If you want an area that is extremely large and safe, then you want this Mountain Top area. You can build out a ton, and there’s only one way to access it, making it safe as well. There are plenty of animals such as wolves and boars around too. 

Some rarer animals such as elephants are available too, along with all the resources you want. Even the rare Black Iron can be found nearby. 

Mountain Top Area in Myth of Empires

The amount of flat ground available here is extremely useful. You can set up farms here, or even entire stables. Almost everything a player could want is in this area, so definitely keep this one in mind. 

Myth of Empires: Best Base Locations 

By building your base on one of these locations, you should be able to have a better time in the game. Whether it be farming materials, or building a combat base, these are some fine picks!

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