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Honkai Star Rail: Hide and Seek Hidden Children Locations

Can’t find the children during this quest? We’ll help you.




The main quest line of Honkai: Star Rail will eventually take you to Boulder Town in Jarilo-VI. You will need to deal with the local rascals in search of information.

However, these children will refuse to help you out unless you can defeat them in a game of hide and seek! In this short guide, we’ll tell you their locations to complete the quest.

Where to Find the Children During Hide-and-Seek in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: Gaming with Abyss

You need to win the game of Hide-and-Seek as part of the game’s main story.

Luckily, there’s a sort of “practice round” before the actual game starts. You only need to find Hook for this round, and she’s marked for you! Just run up to her and speak with her.

After the practice round against Hook, you’ll be back to the starting point. The true hide-and-seek starts here!

Source: Gaming with Abyss

From the starting point, run to your left under an archway. You should see some crates with yellow ores. Hook is hiding next to them, approach her and tell her you’ve found her!

Now, head back in the direction you came in and take the path to your right. You will find one of the Moles Sidekicks next to a lamplight by a wall.

Source: Gaming with Abyss

This kid will try to trick you by saying that you have to answer some questions. Tell her to show you the rule book and she will concede that she lost.

After that, go back to the starting point and approach a man with glasses. March 7th will note that there’s something off about this guy, implying that he’s actually the third kid.

Choose “It’s him, no doubt” when prompted during the conversation. The kid will then reveal himself.

Defeated, Hook and her sidekicks will begrudgingly accept that you won the game of hide and seek. Just follow her to the fight club and you’ve completed this part of the quest!

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