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Hollow Knight: All Secret Abilities Locations on the Map

In Hollow Knight, abilities are needed to traverse the world and uncover secret areas that were previously unreachable, but you need to unlock them first.




Getting around the world of Hollow Knight is not an easy task. Some of them require particular abilities for you to progress further. Unfortunately, these abilities are hidden away in their specific locations; therefore, you need to unlock them first.

But don’t worry, this guide will help you where to locate them.

All Secret Abilities Locations on the Map

The Knight in Hollow Knight will naturally obtain secret abilities as you journey through the game’s world. However, you may overlook some of them as they are more challenging to get than the others.

Unlocking all these abilities will also contribute to your 100% Completion. So, if you’re stuck in the game, not knowing where and how to get these abilities, this guide is perfect for you.

Unlocking Secret Abilities

Here are the Secret Abilities and where to get them:

  • Mothwing Cloak: allows you to dash forward on the ground or through the air
    • acquired after defeating Hornet in Greenpath
  • Mantis Claw: gives you the ability to cling to walls and leap off of them
    • located at the middle-left part of Mantis Village (requires Mothwing Cloak ability to access it)
  • Crystal Heart: launches you forward at a rather dangerous speed
    • found on the middle-right side of Crystal Peak, at the end of the platforming section
  • Monarch Wings: ability to jump again while in mid-air
    • once you defeat the Broken Vessel in Ancient Basin, continue left
  • Isma’s Tear: provides protection from the acidic pools found in some parts of Hallownest after ingesting
    • found in the Royal Waterways (requires Crystal Heart ability to access)
  • Dream Nail: gives you the ability to cut through the veil between dreams and waking, used to reveal hidden dreams or open gateways
    • acquired by inspecting the Dreamer Statues in the Resting Grounds
  • Dreamgate: allows you to instantly travel through a dream
    • obtained by talking to the Seer in the Resting Grounds after you earn 900 Essence
  • Shade Cloak: dash through enemies and their attacks without taking damage
    • located in the Abyss’ rightmost area after the shadow sea. You should stand in the shadow fountain and wait until you obtain the ability
  • World Sense: gives you the ability to see your Completion percentage in inventory and on your saved file in the main menu; it also shows the number of enemies encountered and required in Hunter’s Journal
    • found after killing the three Dreamers and opening the Temple of the Black Egg, where the ability is located
  • Awoken Dream Nail: similar to Dream Nail. but now allows entry in specific protected memories
    • speak to the Seer located in the Resting Grounds when you collect 1800 Essence

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