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Hollow Knight: Charm Interactions and Combos

In Hollow Knight, a Charm system allows players to have a straightforward means of changing the game according to what fits their playstyle best.




Like “builds” in other games, the Charm system in Hollow Knight is similar in deciding how you approach the game’s content. There is no absolute or correct way to play Hollow Knight, as players are free to choose whichever suits their style best out of the 40 available charms.

While some may work perfectly for others, it might be a different case for someone else. This article will teach you about Charm interactions and Combos in the game.

Charm Interactions and Combos in Hollow Knight

There are actually a total of 45 charms in the game, but you can only carry 40 as you’ll need to replace the other five with new charms throughout your journey in Hallownest.

After collecting all 40 charms, you will be granted Salubra’s Blessing, allowing you to automatically refill your Soul vessels when you rest on a bench.

I know the number of charms might be too overwhelming for you, so I’ve picked up some of the best Charm combinations to help narrow down your choices.

Charm Combinations

Out of the 40 available charms you can carry, here are the interactions and combinations you can utilize in the game:

Sprintmaster + Dashmaster: increases your running speed to the fastest it can get

Sharp Shadow + Dashmaster: increases the damage dealt by Shadow Dash from 1.00x to 1.5x Nail Damage

Shaman Stone + Flukenest: increases the damage of Shade Soul to 144 damage (9×16 per fluke) and makes the projectiles significantly larger

Hive Blood + Joni’s Blessing: turns masks converted to Lifeblood into Lifeblood combs

Long Naik + Mark of Pride: increases the range of your default attack

Grubberfly’s Elegy + Fury of the Fallen: at full health, Grubberfly’s Elegy grants you the ability to shoot white-hot energy that deals 0.5x Nail damage. Equipping it with Fury of the Fallen allows you to shoot red hot energy at one health, dealing 0.875x Nail damage this time.

Glowing Womb + Fury of the Fallen: Glowing Womb allows you to summon hatchlings that will attack enemies to protect you at the cost of your soul. Combining it with Fury of the Fallen lets the hatchlings flash red and deal more damage when you have one health left.

Defender’s Crest + Glowing Womb: summon dung-filled hatchlings that will release a small toxic gas cloud upon impact.

Defender’s Crest + Fluke Nest: transforms Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul into an oversized bouncing dung-filled fluke that will explode in toxic gas.

Defender’s Crest + Spore Shroom: revamps the spore cloud emitted by Spore Shroom to a toxic gas cloud that will deal 40-42 damage (2-3 per tick).

Deep Focus + Spore Shroom: the spore cloud from Spore Shroom will cover a short distance. Deep Focus increases the spore cloud’s radius allowing more range for damage

Quick Focus + Deep Focus: increases the focus-speed and doubles the amount of your health gain.

Shape of Unn + Quick Focus: allows you to take on a slug-shape, useful in dodging enemies and projectiles. Quick Focus increases the movement speed.

Baldur Shell + Shape of the Unn + Spore Shroom: combining Shape of Unn with other focus-charms will change your body depending on the charms you equip. Baldur Shell allows you to wear a shell like a snail, while Spore Shroom will have mushrooms growing out of their back. You can combine the three of them.

Baldur Shell + Thorns of Agony: Thorns of Agony will lash out once the protective barrier of Baldur Shell cracks, even without taking damage.

Dream Wielder + Dream Shield: Dream Shield creates a spellbound shield that continuously protects you from danger. On the other hand, Dream Wielder will enhance the size of Dream Shield, which can block projectiles as well as take down enemies.

Grubberfly’s Elegy + Grubsong: when taking damage, the amount of SOUL you gain will increase to a considerable amount.

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