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World of Warships: How to Unlock Submarines

The long-awaited submarines have finally made their way into the game! But how do you unlock them?




Ever since their first announcement back in 2019, the submarines have been one of the most interesting features of World of Warships.

Though no one can argue that the developers spend countless hours on fine-tuning every aspect of the game, many players felt that the explanation detailing the process of actually unlocking submarines was somewhat lackluster. But fear not, because this article will explain step-by-step how to get your very own shiny World of Warship submarine!

Unlocking Submarines in World of Warships

To unlock the submarines, you first need to take part in weekly combat missions. For completing these, you’ll be rewarded with event containers and these include submarines.

They come in three different tiers – Tier VI, Tier VIII and Tier X. Depending on how well you’ll do during sequential combat missions, you’ll get access to a different submarine Tier.

Tier VI requires  12,500 base XP obtained on Tier V-X Ships, Tier VIII needs 2,500 base XP on Tier VI-X Ships and for Tier X you’ll need to get 2,000 base XP on Tier VIII-X Ships.

Why is This so Confusing?

The submarines are still mostly an experiment and the developers, in hopes of balancing the game, have changed the ways to obtain them multiple times. At first, you could obtain them by going to the armory through the port screen and receiving three types of random bundles available free of charge.

Which leads us to the most important issue – on December 29th the developers announced that from version 0.11.0 until the beginning of 0.11.2 the submarines will not be available on the game’s main server. So, if you’re in the mood to try out these underwater assassins for yourself, you better act fast!

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