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Does Infernax Have Mouse & Keyboard Support?

One thing to look out for in playing your favorite console games is the controls. Is Infernax mouse and keyboard-friendly?

Jed Gaspang



Infernax is a classic platform game with plenty of quests and challenges to conquer. An important thing that you also need to know is the game’s compatibility with mice and keyboards. To maximize your gaming experience playing Infernax, here are some useful tips.

Does It Have Mouse and Keyboard Support? – Infernax

To make the answer short: Yes. Infernax is mouse and keyboard supported. Still, it’s a key thing to know what suits you the most when playing this game. Typically, playing your favorite games with controllers is mostly the norm these days.

However, mouse and keyboard support does give variety to your gaming experience. This means that you can use your built-in or plug-and-play peripherals to your advantage. Not only do they give you additional keys to use in-game, but they also could make aiming easier.

Controllers however contain primary buttons that will make the game more straightforward. To add, joysticks would help, specifically in platform games. Controllers are also designed for your hands— it enables you to have a feel of the game, more than the keyboard and mice has to offer.

In the end, both controls do have their pros and cons, that’s why your preferences do still matter. It’s still great to know though that Infernax does support both keyboard & mouse and controller systems. Have fun playing!

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