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Way of the Hunter: How to Get Ammo

Ammunition is a vital resource in Way of the Hunter – here’s where to locate ammo for free across the various maps in the game. You’ll want to look out for cabins.




In Way of the Hunter, a lot of factors come into play to setting up a successful hunt.

Thankfully, ammunition isn’t one of the things you’ll have to worry about, as it is totally free to access throughout the game. That being said, newer players may encounter some difficulty trying to figure out the bullet drop range in the game and can easily run out given the limited magazine and cartridge sizes of the available rifles and shotguns. Here’s how to get ammo in Way of the Hunter.

How to Get Ammo in Way of the Hunter

Ammunition is easily acquired – an infinite number of times.

While you can run out of ammo during your hunts, you never have to worry about spending to get more. Just ensure you have an adequate amount and don’t go missing shots, as you can easily run out while in the wild.

To replenish, you’ll have to head to a storage locker/storage safe or interact with your truck to refill.

You just simply won’t be able to find or source ammo in the wild while on a hunt.

To get ammo, you can find a storage locker or “storage safe.” These are located inside the cabins scattered across the whole map, and you’ve likely already come across them. The easiest point of access is the Bear Den Ranch cabin, which you can also Fast Travel to.

Left of the computer will be the storage locker.

Accessing the safe and then exiting the menu of the safe will automatically refill your ammunition.

You can also do this by accessing and interacting with your vehicle as well.

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How To

FIFA 23: Most Effective Skills to Use in a Game | Become a Pro

What are the best skills to use in FIFA 23





Players in FIFA love to use skills in the game. It is a way of showing off, letting your opponent know that you know your stuff, and of course it brings so much fun. This is a list of the best skills that will improve your game.

Most Effective Skills to use in a game in FIFA 23

Heel to Ball Roll

A new and very effective is the newly incorporated heel to ball roll. To perform the skill, you will need a player with 4 stars skills or better.

To use it press and hold L1 or LB and flick the right stick in front of the player and towards the back of the player. You can flick the left stick left or right to dictate the direction of the skill.

Ball Roll

The classic skill, the ball roll is very effective, and it opens the space for a pass or a shot. It is used consistently by pro players. To do it you need to flick and hold the right stick to the right or left of the player.


Next up is the elastico or reverse elastico. It can be used with players with 5-star skills. To be performed you need to do a half spin with the right stick in a reverse direction to the player, or in counter direction for the reverse elastico. It is efficient everywhere throughout the pitch.

A really good skill is the step over which is a very good skill to do. It is done by moving the right stick to the front and then to the right of the player. It is very important to get the speed boost after the step over.

Agile Dribbling

Finally, we have agile dribbling. It is good when you use a small agile player, and when you are being pressed by the opponent. It creates time and angle to get rid of the ball. Use a press and hold R1 or RB and move the left stick to the back left or right on the controller.

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