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Way of the Hunter: How to Follow Blood Trails Guide

Stop losing your prey by following its blood trail.




The game Way of the Hunter shows you a more realistic way of hunting animals. It features real life mechanics of ballistics, bullet physics, and animal behavior. You can find a lot of animals to hunt in the game.

And just like how hunters track down an animal’s trail, you can find a similar feature in the game. This guide will show you how to follow blood trails produced by animals you failed to kill in one shot.

How to Follow Blood Trails in Way of the Hunter

When you hit an animal in Way of the Hunter, there are 5 animations that can occur after the hit.

  1. The animal drops on the spot immediately after a hit. This means you hit the animal’s vital organs. This also happens when you shoot it in the skull – a clean head shot.
  • The animal sprints rapidly, but will gradually slow and drop down while sprinting. You’ve managed to land a good shot, but it takes more time for the animal to die.
  • The animal sprints and slows down steadily, until it lies down and dies. This implies either a strong gut shot or a graze on the vitals. Be careful when approaching an animal that is shot this way because it can run away as you get closer.
  • The animal sprints and will slow down until it can lie down to recover. The shot you made just hurt it lightly, and it needs to lie down to recover. Be careful in following this animal as it can run away upon sensing you approaching.
  • The animal sprints away, meaning, your shot isn’t critical; it only landed a scratch on the target.

There are two methods in following a blood trail.

Blood Trails Guide

In Way of the Hunter, the color of the blood in a trail can tell which organs have been hit.

The Brain and Spine have a red color and the animal will die on the spot.

The Heart, Lungs, and Artery possess a pink color with bubbles and large amounts of blood.

Stomach and Intestines are red with a mixture of green.

Bone and Flesh have a red color and a small amount of blood.

You can also interact with the blood splatter to examine it.

The first method is the regular way of examining the trail. Always put a marker on the place where you shot the animal and the blood spatters you find.

Locate the second blood splatter by using the hunter sense. Follow the trail until you find the animal. If you are lost, just go back to the last marker you placed.

The second method uses the Photo Mode, which gives you a bird’s eye view on the area. It is more like cheating, but it’s easier to track down animals.

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How To

Terraria: How to Defeat New Daytime Empress in Terraria 1.4.4 Update

Strategy guide to defeating the Daytime Empress in the latest Terraria Update.





Even before the Terraria 1.4.4 update, defeating the Empress of Light during the day is an absolute nightmare. Especially when facing her much harder difficulty levels.

She has the potential of one-hitting you and your strategy involves stacking multiple items and buffs to dodge her attacks as well as having a high enough damage output to end the fight fast.

The latest 1.4.4 Update is a lot harder. Now, dodge potions and buffs do not affect her and the only way to survive her onslaught is to not get hit.

In this guide, we will be showing you some useful tips to remain unscathed as you challenge one of the hardest bosses to beat, the Daytime Empress of Light and get a Terra Prisma in Terraria 1.4.4

How to Defeat New Daytime Empress in Terraria 1.4.4

Like any summoned boss battles in Terraria, the first thing you should set up is your battle arena. Place wooden boards for you to land on and easily pivot as you dodge her attacks.

This will later prove very useful even if you rely on flying items since turning from left to right on the ground is a lot faster than moving in the air.

Choose your weapon and strategy carefully

If you already have the Terra Prisma then it is a great idea for you to use it. The item summons prismatic lacewing to follow and damage opponents and for us, the best strategy in facing her is to Summon minions and deal additional damage with a whip or a ranged weapon.

Buffs to use

Focus on potions that increase your speed like the swiftness potion. Mix these up with a summoning potion to increase your minion Spawn and get potions that increase your max damage output overall.

You won’t have to use any defense potions since you will be focusing on not getting hit for you to get the Terra Prisma item. Besides, you will most likely get one hit so it’s pointless to use defense potions.

Armors to use

Use armors that either increase your summon capacity or enhances summon damage. You won’t have to use high defense items since they will be rendered useless with the boss’s high damage output.

Facing the Boss

It will take some time to analyze her attack pattern. To play it safe engage her and move in an L direction. Drop down and move horizontally away from her. Be careful with her range attacks because most of these have good tracking capabilities.

Area of Effect attack pattern

When she pauses to deliver her area of attacks you might want to position yourself high. When the first laser lights flare up dodge by going down and slowly move clockwise in the map. She will Spawn 2 to 3 AOE attacks before reverting to her tracking projectiles.

To summarize, on tracking projectile attacks move down and away from the boss. For are of effects set her first attack up by heading high until the first AOE flare spawns then make your way down and move clockwise until she switches her attacks again.

It might be difficult at first but it isn’t impossible to do. All you need is some practice and proper timing to pull this off and get out on top.

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